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The current Alpha build of Dead Cells is 1.9, dubbed the 'Update of Plenty.'

For the entire changelog see the most recent set of patch notes.

General changes:[edit | edit source]

  • Economy has been massively overhauled. Gold no longer scales with BSC level. The shop categories upgrade now lets the player choose between stat colours instead of item categories. Rerolling the shop is now free, and can be done more, but every reroll results in the items for sale increasing in price. (40% increase per reroll, up to 200%.)
  • Weapons and Skills no longer grant bonuses to stats, and instead more scrolls have been spread out in biomes. One more scroll will appear per BSC level. ( 1 more on 1BSC to 4 more on 4BSC. 5BSC only has 4 more scrolls.) Enemy health and damage has been reduced to accommodate.
  • There is a new status effect, 'Shocked,' caused by electric weapons.
  • Most status effects have been changed.
  • All crossbows now take up two slots and are exclusively survival, with the exception of sonic crossbow. (Which has been renamed to Sonic Carbine.)
  • Multiple-nocks bow, Marksman's bow and Nerves of Steel have been made tactics only. (They have also been buffed.)
  • Most mutations which affected DPS are now percentage based instead of a flat value.
  • All bonus damage affixes' chances of being generated have been lowered.
  • You now get a free amulet at the beginning of a game at 1BSC and higher.
  • Skills no longer proc rally nor cooldown reduction mutations.
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