Ancient Sewers

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Ancient Sewers
The Ancient Sewers.png
Location: Under the Toxic Sewers
Required rune(s): Ram rune
Previous biome(s): Toxic Sewers
Next biome(s): Insufferable Crypt
Enemy Tier: 7-10
Gear Level 3
Scrolls: 3 Scrolls of Power, 1 Dual Scroll
Cursed Chests 2 (2 and 4 BSC required) and 2 random
Runes and Blueprints
Blueprints from enemies Sadism, Sadist's Stiletto
Blueprints from secret areas Alchemic Carbine
Enemies: Zombies, Purulent Zombies (Sewers), Shield Bearers, Flying Biters, Scorpions, Disgusting Worms, Kamikazes, Spikers
Traps: Poisonous water, spikes, spiked balls
Wandering Elite Chance: 10%
Elite Room Chance: 100%
Mold everywhere... Spores floating in the fetid air... A perfectly welcoming ecosystem.

The Ancient Sewers are a third level biome.

One could believe that the sewers could not get worse than green. However, this deeper part of them is proof that it does get worse. Much, much, worse. An unusual filth gathers on the floor, the walls, the pipes, and the ceilings, hardening. The air is horrid, and would easily be a hazard for the lungs of many. Spiders have made their home among the crannies and cracks, and so has the slime mold. As well, all those undead bodies... All those rotting bones... They look appetizing for the hungry scavenging worms. And even the fungi has started to search for prey.

Loading Screen Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Even the guards seemed to know nothing about this part of the sewers. Or maybe they all just wanted to pretend it wasn't there."
  • "Mold everywhere... Spores floating in the fetid air... A perfectly welcoming ecosystem."
  • "One day, a pile of filth started growling. That part of the sewers was promptly blocked off."

 Access[edit | edit source]

The Ram rune is required to access this Biome through Toxic Sewers.