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Clock Tower
Predator (10%)

Automatons are enemies found in the Clock Tower.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Automatons are found at the extremity of a platform, immobile and invisible (cloaked in a similar way to Knife Throwers), until The Beheaded reaches their platform. Following a short channeling time, they will attack by dashing twice through the player, from one extremity of the platform to the other and then back to their spawn place. This attack, like the Lightspeed skill, imitates The Time Keeper's dash and is therefore indicated by the same beam of yellow particles. It can be jumped, dodged or parried.

Automatons only execute their attack once. When finished, they will retract their swords against their chest before teleporting themselves to another platform. They will also teleport away if attacked or stunned during an attack. Automatons are the only enemies who will not continue to attack the player if hit.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Automatons were added to the game in the Who's the Boss update, as a monster deriving from The Time Keeper.