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Blueprints are items used to unlock new weapons, skills, mutations, upgrades and outfits when handed over to the Collector. When handed over the item or upgrade can be unlocked for a fair amount of cells.

They can be found in secret areas, by completing puzzles, by completing daily runs, have a chance to be dropped by certain enemies or are a guarenteed drop on a boss kill. A few blueprints can only be collected on higher Boss Stem Cell diffuculties, all but 6 are outfits.

1+ BSC 10 outfits + 1 gear blueprint that is dropped from the Knife Thrower.

2+ BSC 10 outfits + 1 gear blueprint that is dropped from the bomber.

3+ BSC 10 outfits + 1 mutation blueprint that is locked behind a puzzle that needs a 3+ BSC shortcut to complete.

4+ BSC 11 outfits

5+ BSC 2 outfits + 3 gear blueprints that are found in the Astrolab which is only accesible with 5 BSC active. 1 in a secret area and 2 from enemies that only appear in this area.

Monster drops[edit | edit source]

Most blueprints are dropped by a specific enemy on killing them. There are 4 types of dropchance: Always (100%), Normal (1..7%), Rare (0.4%) and Legendary (0.03).

There are 47 Always, 1 conditional Always (1st The Collector kill while wearing the King's outfit), 20 Normal, 40 Rare and 3 Legendary blueprints in total that drop from enemies and bosses.

A blueprint that has not been handed in at the collecter yet is assigned to an eligible enemy in the biome upon level generation according to its rarity. So when you enter a new level there is a chance you might not get any blueprints. This also means that for the Always rarity you can miss the blueprint if you don't kill the enemy the blueprint has been assigned to. Farming for blueprints the natural way can be a long and frustrating endeavor as it easily can take hundreds of kills before you get the blueprint to drop.

The enemies with the most blueprints are the Zombie and Undead Archer with 4 each, 3 gear blueprints and 1 outfit.

Blueprints from enemies can be forced to drop from the eligible by using the Hunter's Grenade.

Using the Mirror you can see which enemy still has a blueprint drop.

Blueprint Info Enemy/Boss BSC Rarity Cell cost
Blood Sword The Blood Sword is a sword-type weapon which inflicts bleeding on enemies it hits. Zombie 0 Always 5
Spartan Sandals Knocks back enemies, dealing 90 extra damage if the enemy hits a wall. The final strike in the combo will knock any enemy back. Runner 0 Always (100%) 5
Oiled Sword Douses the enemy with flammable oil. Bat 0 Normal (1.7%) 25
Frantic Sword Inflicts a critical hit when you have less than 50% health. Kamikaze 0 Rare (0.4%) 25
Cursed Sword One hit and you're dead. Conjunctivius 1st kill 0 Always (100%) 50
Shovel Knocks back enemies and bombs. Purulent Zombie (Graveyard) 0 Rare (0.4%) 40
Spite Sword Inflict a critical hit if you took damage less than 8 sec ago, or if you're cursed. Buzzcutter 0 Legendary (0.03%) 30
Valmont's Whip Ignores shields. Inflicts a critical hit if the tip of the whip strikes the enemy. Disgusting Worm 0 Rare (0.4%) 20
Wrenching Whip Ignores shields, pulls victims toward you and inflicts a critical hit on the 3rd strike. Pirate Captain 0 Rare (0.4%) 30
Impaler Inflicts a critical hit if the target is up against a wall. Conjunctivius 2nd kill 0 Always (100%) 45
Sadist's Stiletto Inflicts a critical hit if the target is bleeding or poisoned. Spiker 0 Normal (1.7%) 25
War Spear Inflicts a critical hit when you strike several targets at the same time. Hammer 0 Normal (1.7%) 30
Rapier Inflicts a critical hit immediately after a roll or a parry. Scorpion 0 Rare (0.4%) 40
Spiked Boots Inflicts a critical hit if the kick interrupts an attack. Thorny 0 Rare (0.4%) 35
Hayabusa Gauntlets Inflicts critical hits if the victim has less than 40% HP. Lancer 0 Rare (0.4%) 80
Torch Burns your enemies (15 DPS for 2.7 seconds). Spawner 0 Normal (1.7%) 30
Giant Killer Inflicts a critical hit if the victim is an Elite or a Boss. The Giant 1st kill 0 Always (100%) 100
Shrapnel Axes Metal shards burst from the axes when you strike enemies, inflicting approximately 130 damage. Demon 0 Rare (0.4%) 100
Seismic Strike Unleashes shock waves through the ground, locking enemies in place. Bomber 2 Rare (0.4%) ???
Flawless Inflicts critical hits if you haven't taken damage for at least 30 seconds. Slammer 0 Rare (0.4%) 100
Bow and Endless Quiver Unlimited ammo. Last shot is a critical hit! Undead Archer 0 Legendary (0.03%) 35
Infantry Bow Inflicts a critical hit at close range. Undead Archer 0 Normal (1.7%) 30
Ice Bow Briefly freezes enemies. Undead Archer 0 Rare (0.4%) 30
Heavy Crossbow Shoots several short-range bolts at once. The Concierge 1st kill 0 Always (100%) 40
Repeater Crossbow Fires multiple bolts, periodically immobilising enemies. Inflicts critical hits on immobilised targets. Dark Tracker 0 Rare (0.4%) 80
Hokuto's Bow Marks the enemy, who then takes +75 DPS for 20 sec. If the enemy dies, the mark spreads. Cannibal 0 Normal (1.7%) 80
Ice Crossbow Tap to freeze enemies. Hold to inflict critical damage. The Time Keeper 2nd kill 0 Always (100%) 80
Lightning Bolt Hold to inflict critical hits. Inquisitor 0 Normal (1.7%) 30
Fire Blast Burns enemies and any ground in range. Inflicts critical hits when oil is present. Masker 0 Normal (1.7%) 20
Ice Shard Slows down enemies during 3 sec. Inflicts critical hits on targets is in water or covered in oil. The Time Keeper 1st kill 0 Always (100%) 60
Pyrotechnics Launches multiple flaming projectiles. Inflicts critical damage on targets covered in oil. Caster 0 Normal (1.7%) 60
The Boy's Axe Blocks the victim. Inflicts 135 damage when called back to the user. Ground Shaker 0 Normal (1.7%) 100
Magic Missiles Automatically targets the nearest enemy. Arbiter 0 Rare (0.4%) ???
Hemorrhage Causes bleeding (25 DPS for 3 seconds). Deals a critical hit if the target is bleeding or poisoned. Magistrate of Death 5 Rare (0.4%) ???
Rampart Absorbs more damage. Generates a force field for 3 sec on a successful parry. Shieldbearer 0 Rare (0.4%) 40
Bloodthirsty Shield Blocked attacks inflict bleeding (20 DPS for 3 seconds). Effect extended to nearby enemies on a successful parry. Shieldbearer 0 Legendary (0.03%) 40
Knockback Shield Blocked attacks push enemies backwards. Effect doubled on a successful parry. Catcher 0 Rare (0.4%) 40
Spiked Shield Inflicts major damage on blocked enemies. Cleaver (Enemy) 0 Normal (1.7%) 40
Force Shield Generates a temporary forcefield when held up. It regenerates slowly when the shield is not held up. Parries speed up the process. Purulent Zombie Sewers 0 Rare (0.4%) 5
Thunder Shield Inflicts 55 electric DPS when held up. The damage increases to 155 DPS for 8 seconds after parrying successfully. Defender 5 Rare (0.4%) 100
Double Crossb-o-matic Fires at 2 nearby enemies, each shot inflicts 45 DPS. Zombie 0 Rare (0.4%) 15
Heavy Turret Fires on all nearby enemies and inflicts 110 DPS. Your own damage is increased by 15% if you are close to the turret. Slasher 0 Rare (0.4%) 40
Barnacle Fires rapidly on enemies passing below inflicting 52 DPS. You need to be close by for this to work. Lasts 9 sec. Thorny 0 Normal (1.7%) 40
Flamethrower Turret Burns nearby enemies for 2 seconds (18 DPS). Shocker 0 Rare (0.4%) 30
Cleaver (Skill) Inflicts 35 DPS and bleeding (6 DPS for 1.8 sec) to enemies walking on it. Runner 0 Normal (1.7%) 30
Crusher Violently crushes enemies in its area of effect (200 damage). Lacerator 0 Rare (0.4%) 30
Explosive Decoy You disappear for 2.5 seconds and leave a lure in your place which attracts all nearby enemies. Explodes after 2.5 seconds (110 damage). Protector 0 Rare (0.4%) 40
Powerful Grenade Causes a large explosion. Bombardier 0 Normal (1.7%) 20
Cluster Grenade Explodes into 6 mini bombs inflicting 50 damage each. Slasher 0 Normal (1.7%) 40
Fire Grenade Inflicts 12 damage and burns nearby enemies for 3 seconds (25 DPS). Grenadier 0 Normal (1.7%) 20
Magnetic Grenade Attracts anything close to it and deals 12 DPS (lasts 5.5 sec). Grenadier 0 Rare (0.4%) 40
Oil Grenade Inflicts 60 damage and covers nearby enemies with flammable oil. Hammer 0 Rare (0.%) 20
Swarm Summons 2 biters to serve you for 30 seconds (cumulative up to 8 max). Disgusting Worm 0 Rare (0.4%) 30
Death Orb Summons a slow moving but devastating orb of energy (50 damage and 125 DPS, lasts for 12 sec). Cleaver (Enemy) 0 Rare (0.4%) 35
Tornado Inflicts 80 DPS to all enemies caught inside. Changes direction when it hits a wall. Lasts for 10 sec. Guardian Knight 0 Rare (0.4%) 80
Knife Dance Launches a storm of knives around you which cause bleeding (40 DPS for 4 sec). bat 0 Rare (0.4%) 20
Corrupted Power Your attacks deal an additional 50 DPS for 8 seconds. You also take +30% extra damage during this period. Protector 0 Rare (0.4%) 40
Vampirism Nearby enemies bleed (40 DPS for 20 sec) and drop a healing item (heals 5% HP). Inquisitor 0 Rare (0.4%) 45
Grappling Hook Pulls an enemy to you. The next attack on this enemy inflicts +40% damage and stuns for 1 sec. Catcher 0 Rare (0.4%) 35
Phaser Teleports you behind the enemy. The next attack inflicts +70 damage. Runner 0 Rare (0.4%) 35
Corrosive Cloud Creates a toxic cloud that lasts 15 sec, inflicting bleed and poison damage (8 DPS for 2 sec). Purulent Zombie (Graveyard) 0 Rare (0.4%) 40
Wave of Denial Repels all nearby enemies back and inflicts 30 damage. If the victim is thrown against a wall, it takes 60 extra damage. Bombardier 0 Normal (1.7%) 60
Wings of the Crow Temporarily (4 sec) allows you to float in the air while inflicting 75 DPS to enemies below you. Golem 0 Normal (1.7%) 60
Great Owl of War Summon a Great Owl pet (32 DPS). Activating this skill again will anger the Great Owl (105 DPS). The Great Owl disappears if you take any damage. Knife Thrower 1 Rare (0.4%) 80