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Keepers are the bosses in Dead Cells. Each Keeper has their own biome, where the player must defeat them to progress. (Max of three.)

There are currently four keepers in the game: Incomplete One, The Watcher, The Assassin and The Hand of the King

First bosses[edit | edit source]

The Concierge aka The Incomplete One.[edit | edit source]

Found by taking path of; promenade, ramparts, black bridge.

Must be defeated to go to Stilt Village. (See Biomes.)

Conjoctivius aka The watcher[edit | edit source]

Found by taking path of; toxic, ancient, Insufferable Crypt. (See Biomes.)

Must have both vine and ram runes to take this path.

Must defeated to obtain spider rune (from slumbering Sanctuary.)

Other bosses[edit | edit source]

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