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Keepers are the bosses in Dead Cells. Each keeper has their own biome, where the player must defeat them to progress. Currently the player can defeat only three of the four bosses per run.

There are currently four keepers in the game: The Concierge, Conjunctivius, The Time Keeper and The Hand of the King.

First bosses[edit | edit source]

As the first boss, the player may find one of these two, depending on the path that they take.

The Concierge[edit | edit source]

The first boss encountered in the game, as it requires only the Vine Rune to be reached. Found in the Black Bridge. Must be defeated to reach the Stilt Village.

Conjunctivius[edit | edit source]

Can be reached by going through the Toxic Sewers, then the Ancient Sewers, to the Insufferable Crypt.

The player must have absorbed both the Vine Rune and the Ram Rune in order to take this path.

Second boss[edit | edit source]

The Time Keeper[edit | edit source]

Found in the Clock Room. Can be reached through either the Clock Tower or the Forgotten Sepulcher.

Third boss[edit | edit source]

The Hand of the King[edit | edit source]

Currently the final boss of the game. Found in the Throne Room. Can only be reached through High Peak Castle, there are no alternate paths after the Clock Room.