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Slumbering Sanctuary (0 BSC)

Grappling Hook (0.4%)

Knockback Shield (0.4%)

Robin Hood Outfit (4+ BSC; 0.4%)

Catchers are enemies found in the Graveyard and the Slumbering Sanctuary. They appear somewhat similar to Cleavers and are similarly tanky.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

  • If within his melee range, the Catcher will quickly kick the player away, dealing damage and knocking him back
  • If out of his melee range, the Catcher will throw a hook to the player, pulling him in melee range and briefly stunning him
    • Charges a powerful attack with his scythe and slashes the player dealing massive damage and knocking him back

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The grappling hook can be ducked under. However, the Catcher does walk forward slightly in-between each use of the hook, so he will eventually reach your position if you are on the same platform.
  • Parrying the grappling hook does avoid the attack, but does not damage the Catcher or spawn a reflected projectile. Area of effect shields like Punishment or Bloodthirsty Shield will still spawn their auras, however, which may damage the Catcher.