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Challenge Rift

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Challenge Rifts are optional bonus stages for the player to take on a certain amount of risk for a certain amount of reward.

Stage[edit | edit source]

  • Has a 20% chance to spawn in all non-boss biomes and are recognized by a rune appearing at the player's feet similar to those found on the walls which house food and gold for the player.
  • Contains a gold chest containing various loot for the player, but be warned upon opening the chest the entrance to the stage is sealed and the player must travel to the end of the trap filled stage to escape.
    • Unlike previous versions of the challenge rift the newest version allows the player to damage themselves as much as they please, willingly or not, without kicking them from the stage.
  • The stage is filled exclusively with wall-to-wall traps to hinder the player's progression out of this stage.
    • One of the mutations "Tough Nut" can reduce the damage the player would take from said traps.