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Chests in Dead Cells can be found in different random locations around every biome. They usually contain a random item, but they have a ??% to contain enemies (x zombies and y flying biters).

Cursed chests[edit | edit source]

Cursed chests can have a chance to appear inside almost every biome (1% in Prisoners' Quarters, 5% in High Peak Castle, 10% every other biome excluding the Astrolab). Upon opening them will reward the player with a colorless item, a Scroll of Power and a gem, as well as inflicting him with a 10 enemies curse.

The following things DO insta-kill while Cursed:

  • Any enemy hit that deals at least 1 damage
  • Any trap hit
  • Poison damage (it is currently unknown whether still running poison instantly kills you after opening the chest)
  • Damage from using Lightning Bolt too long

The following things do NOT insta-kill while Cursed, even though they may deal damage:

  • Darkness in the Forgotten Sepulcher
  • Malaise damage

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Cursed chests taunt the Beheaded in order to get him to open them, as he gets close.

Challenge Rift chests[edit | edit source]

Challenge Rift chests always contain a random item, a Scroll of Power and a gem.

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