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The Concierge

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"The Concierge"
The Concierge.png
Black Bridge
Challenger Rune (1st kill)

Flint (1st kill)

Heavy Crossbow (3rd kill)

Impaler (4th kill)

Melee (5th kill)

Tranquility (6th kill)

Alienation (7th kill)

5 Concierge Outfits

The Concierge is the first of six bosses in the game,. He is found on the Black Bridge.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Stab (Melee range)
    • Stabs in front with a long windup.
    • Can be dodged by rolling or jumping.
  • Fire Strike (Ranged)
    • Slams hand into ground, shooting fire in a line to the barrier.
    • Can be dodged by jumping.
  • Leap
    • Jumps at the player, damaging on contact.
    • Often follows Fire Strike.
    • Can be dodged by ducking or rolling.

Defense[edit | edit source]

  • As of Update 1.1, damage on a single hit is capped at 15% of the Concierge's maximum health.
  • Shout
    • Used at certain HP thresholds to transition to the next phase.
    • Stuns player if in range.
    • Activates a force field to become immune to damage and status effects for a few seconds.
  • Aura of Laceration
    • Creates a damaging aura
    • Periodically deals damage to player on contact with no knock-back.
    • Can be rolled through but requires precise timing.
    • Leap attacks while this is active cannot be dodged by ducking but can be dodged by rolling.

Vulnerabilities[edit | edit source]

  • All attacks have activation frames that you can use to dodge.
  • Vulnerable to magnetic fields, but can still leap at the player.
  • Doesn't focus attacks on turrets, unlike most enemies.
  • Most attacks can be cancelled by stun effects.

Viable Weapons/Skills[edit | edit source]

All weapons are viable against this boss as long as you can dodge. You may want turrets and bombs, or Spiked Boots to stun it. Parrying is very effective against both Stab and Leap.

Fight Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Easily beaten with magnetic fields and a turret as long as you dodge.
  • You can use potions after dodging the leap, but be prepared to dodge again. You can also use them when it uses its damaging aura by running toward one side of the arena.
  • Watch out for Shout as it will stun you long enough to attack again.
  • You can jump to avoid Stab, but you should not jump when it Leaps or uses its damaging aura, as those still hit you.

Lore[edit | edit source]

  • The Concierge was the prison's Warden when human. He was called Castaing and was in charge of controlling the prison's entrance and managing prison guards[1].
  • Castaing received secret orders from the King to stop controlling entrances to the Prison[1] and to keep all prisoners inside, even those who had finished their sentence[2]. He publicly posted a sign asking for citizens to report any signs of infection or odd behavior, but was scolded by the King for making his secret orders public.[2]
  • The King later asked Castaing to focus on preventing imprisoned villagers from crossing the bridge and escaping back to their homes[3], by force if necessary. It is unclear if those prisoners were infected, but it seems they were not guilty of any crime.
  • Castaing became ill from the Malaise, which led to him mutating into the Concierge monster[3].
  • It is implied that Castaing was taking bribes[2] from an unknown person and at least partly disobeying the King's orders. His motivations are unclear, but it seems Castaing needed money to support his lazy, rich lifestyle, as indicated by his sunbathing crib on top of the Ramparts[2].
  • Castaing had a number of offices around the Island, notably in Prisoners' Quarters[1], the Promenade of the Condemned, the Ramparts,[2] and the Prison Depths.
  • Castaing had a book titled "Directing a Prison for Dummies"[1], which includes a chapter on "bridge construction". This is a reference to the Black Bridge where the Beheaded fights him.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before the Baguette Update Alpha, the boss' name was "The Incomplete One". During the earlier stages of development of the Baguette Update, he was known as "the Caretaker".
  • A concierge is a person in charge of a building's entrance. The Concierge is fought on the bridge that leads to and from of the island's prison, making it an apt title.

References[edit | edit source]