Corpse Flies

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"Corpse Fly (Purulent) (left), Corpse Fly (Hammer) (right)"
Corpse Flies.png
Graveyard (spawned by Purulent Zombie (Graveyard))

Prison Depths (spawned by Hammer)


A smaller, faster flying version of Buzzcutters, these are only spawned by other monsters.

Corpse biters are spawned in groups of 3 or 5 from Purulent Zombies (Graveyard) and Hammers. They attack as normal Buzzcutters, follow the player as usual, and inflict the same stun debuff.

While Purulent Zombies only spawn a group of them once upon death, Hammers can spawn many groups of them at once if the player moves away from them, and they do not despawn upon the death of the Hammer which released them.