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Corpse Worm (Left), Weaver Worm (Right)
Ancient Sewers, Stilt Village (Spawned by Purulent Zombie (Sewers)

Morass of the Banished, Stilt Village

Purulent Zombie (Sewers)

Corpse Worms and Weaver Worms are a smaller, faster versions of the Disgusting Worm.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Corpse Worms are thrown towards the player by Purulent Zombies (Sewers), while Weaver Worms hatch from eggs in the corners of the rooms of the Stilt Village and Morass of the Banished.

Although they do a simple bite attack, they are very quick, and therefore can be quite dangerous if the player is cursed. Furthermore, should the player get too far from them, they will teleport nearby, chasing them around the rest of the level.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • While killing a Corpse Worm does not count towards a Perfect Door, killing A Weaver Worm does, as they are not spawned by another enemy.
  • Weaver Worms used to be called Sick Worm.
  • Corpse Worms used to spawn when a Purulent Zombie died.