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Crusher Icon.png

Violently crushes enemies in its area of effect (200 damage).
Internal name Crusher
Type Deployable
Scaling Skill Hp.png
Combo Rate 1 use per 0.8 seconds
Recharge 14 seconds
Duration 3 uses/activation
Base Price TBA
First Hit 200
Location Drops from Lacerators
Drop Chance 10%
Unlock Cost 30 Cell Currency.png

Crusher is a skill which deploys a trap that deals massive damage to enemies walking on the ground immediately around it.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Special Effects:
    • Throws an arcing projectile which explodes on impact
      • Projectile bounces off of Shield Bearer shields without detonating
    • When triggered, deploys a crusher trap
      • Trap takes 1.1 seconds to charge before its first use and 0.8 seconds to charge its second and third uses
      • Trap activates upon detecting an enemy walking on nearby ground, crushing all enemies standing on it for 200 base damage
      • Trap requires proximity to the player to function - it ceases to function while the player is too far away
      • Trap is destroyed after its third use
  • Tags: Explosive, Deployable, Needs Power
  • Legendary Version: Divine Justice
    • Forced Affix: Ammo Retrieval
      • "Causes all arrows to fall out of victims"