Cursed Sword

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Cursed Sword

Cursed Sword Icon.png

One hit and you're dead.

So you like to play hardball, do ya?

Internal name EvilSword
Type Melee Weapon
Scaling Str Skill.png
Combo Rate One 3-hit combo every 0.76 seconds
Base Price 2500 Gold Currency Icon.png
Base DPS 553
Base Combo Damage 420
Base First Hit 120
Base Second Hit 120
Base Third Hit 180
Location Dropped by Conjunctivius on 3rd kill
Unlock Cost 50 Cell Currency Icon.png

The Cursed Sword is a sword-type melee weapon that has extremely high DPS and a fast swing rate, but makes the player Cursed Effect.png cursed as long as it is equipped.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Special Effects:
    • Curses the player while it is carried, killing the player immediately upon taking damage.
      • It is still possible to get curses from other sources, in which case they operate independently from the sword itself.
      • The curse of the sword alone is lifted if the player swaps it with another weapon. However, it is impossible to lift it any other way.
  • Breach Bonus: 0 / 0 / 0
  • Base Breach Damage: 120 / 120 / 180
  • Base Breach DPS: 553
  • Combo Duration: 0.76 seconds
  • First Hit: 0.3
  • Second Hit: 0.16
  • Third Hit: 0.3 (0.15 + 0.15)
  • Tags: NoCritical
  • Legendary Version: Suicide
  • Forced Affix: Run Speed on Kill
  • "Increases your movement speed for 5 seconds after killing an enemy."

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • There is an achievement associated with this weapon called "I like to live dangerously...", which is achieved by completing a run with the sword equipped.
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