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Slumbering Sanctuary, High Peak Castle (4+ BSC)

Shrapnel Axes (0.4%)

Drifter Outfit (2+ BSC; 0.4%)

Demons are orange flying gargoyles that mostly dwell in the Cavern. On very high difficulties (4 BSC and above), they can also be found in the Slumbering Sanctuary and High Peak Castle.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Demons can spot the player through walls and will relentlessly follow the Beheaded once they have detected him. They tend to avoid close range, and instead launch fire balls at the player. These can be parried, but not so easily as they are very fast. When at close range, Demons can also attack the player with their claws, either as a single strike or two strikes. In general, the Demons' attacks do not deal a lot of damage, but they are fast and can quickly deal multiple hits to the player. To complicate matters, Demons tend to spawn in packs, and will surround the Beheaded if he doesn't get rid of them fast.

Like Bombers, Demons can be stunned to make them fall to the ground, dealing important fall damage and leaving them open to melee attacks for a few instants. This can be exploited to get rid of multiple Demons at once, by throwing a grenade or by using a quick ranged weapon. However, if the fall lasts too long before the Demon reaches the ground, it will regain its senses and resume flying towards the player. Therefore, it is advised to make them fall relatively close to the ground, rather than above a deep pit.

Demons are immune to any form of fire damage and the burn status effect which can be detrimental to fire weapons.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Demons were added with the v1.2 update, aka Rise of the Giant DLC in March 2019.