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Electric Whip

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Electric Whip

Electric Whip Icon.png

Automatically targets nearby enemies. Ignores shields.
Internal name LightningWhip
Type Ranged Weapon
Scaling Skill Stat.png
Combo Rate 1 three-hit combo per 0.98 seconds
Base Price 1750
Base DPS 128 (235)
Base Combo Damage 125 (230)
First Hit 20 (30)
Second Hit 20 (30)
Third Hit 85 (170)

Electric Whip is a whip-type ranged weapon which auto-targets enemies, and deals damage to nearby enemies when it hits. It is always unlocked.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Type: Ranged Weapon / Other
  • Special Effects:
    • Ignores shields.
    • Auto-targets enemies, doors and destructible secrets
      • Only enemies within line of sight and range can be targeted
      • Doors and destructible secrets can be targeted even when they are not in line of sight
      • Targeting priority: visible enemies > doors > destructible secrets
    • Can electrify pools of liquid within which enemies stand, causing them to take electric damage over time.
      • Deals critical damage to enemies standing in liquid pools.
  • Breach Bonus: 0.5/0.25/0
    • Base Breach Damage: 10/25/80 (15/37.5/170)
    • Base Breach DPS: 122 (227)
  • Combo Duration: 0.98 seconds
    • First Hit: 0.22 (0.1+0.12)
    • Second Hit: 0.35 (0.1+0.25)
    • Third Hit: 0.65 (0.3+0.35)
  • Tags: Ranged, No Critical, Electric, Utility Weapon
  • Legendary Version: Cruelty
    • Forced Affix: Death Explosion
      • "The viscera of dead victims explode inflicting [6 base] damage"