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Failed Experiment

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Failed Experiment
Failed Experiment.png
Prisoners' Quarters, Promenade of the Condemned, Ancient Sewers, Stilt Village, Forgotten Sepulcher, Cavern (4+ BSC)


Berserker (0.4%)

Failed Experiments are large, humanoid enemies found in many biomes once 4 or more Boss Stem Cells are activated.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

  • Punches in 3-hit combo, with a final slam attack where it smashes the ground. The Failed Experiment can change the direction it's facing after performing the three quick punches.
  • Will leap towards the Beheaded when not in melee range. Failed Experiments can't leap to another platform. Instead, they stop when they encounter an edge, as the case with the Zombie.
  • The first attempt to damage it will end with the Failed Experiment dashing behind the Beheaded. It cannot perform another dodge until 15 seconds elapse. Note that it will still dodge if the first attempt to damage it is with a parry using a shield.

Elite Failed Experiments have no attack pattern changes, but their leap is a lot faster, and harder to stun, as with any other elite.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Both of its attacks can be dodged by rolling as well as parrying. However, it can dodge parries if it is the first “attack” directed at it, so it may be better to hit it with something else first so that you can parry it without interruption.
  • With heavy weapons and other typically slow weapons, their dodge can be baited out while the player is still charging the attack, allowing for the weapon to be flipped around and successfully hit the Failed Experiment.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Failed Experiments were added with the v1.2 update, aka Rise of the Giant DLC in March 2019.
  • Their design may be inspired by the Rosie Big Daddies from Bioshock.
  • The Failed Experiment enemy is a likely product of The Alchemist's experiments, hence the name.
  • They take the place of the Zombie on higher difficulties.