Force Shield

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Force Shield

Force Shield Icon.png

Generates a temporary forcefield when held up. It regenerates slowly when the shield is not held up. Parries speed up the process.
Item ID 117
Internal name HoldShield
Type Shield
Scaling Health Stat.png
Leveled Item Yes
Recharge 35 seconds (3.5 seconds per ammo)
Duration 3 seconds (0.3 seconds per ammo)
First Hit 40
Location Drops from Zombies
Drop Chance 1.7%
Unlock Cost 5 Cell Currency.png

Force Shield is a shield-type weapon which generates a forcefield protecting the player from any damage when held up. It can only be held up when its meter is full. The meter recharges over time and parries lower the cooldown.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Block Damage Reduction:
  • Special Effects:
    • Creates a force field for 3 seconds (0.3 seconds per ammo) when held up.
    • Ammo regenerates at a rate of 1 per 3.5 seconds.
    • A parry recharges 0.5 seconds of force field duration.
  • Tags: Shield, LimitedAmmo, NoAmmoPerk
  • Legendary Version: Surprise
    • Forced Affix:
      • Poison Shield

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Used to be called Front Line Shield and worked differently prior to update 1.1. It wasn't able to parry, but had a 90% damage reduction when held up.