Forgotten Sepulcher

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Forgotten Sepulcher
The Forgotten Sepulcher.png
Stage #: 5
Previous biome(s): Stilt Village, Slumbering Sanctuary, Graveyard
Next biome(s): Clock Room
Enemy Tier: 15-17
Gear Level 5
Timed Door 26 minutes (2 Scrolls of Power)
Scrolls: 3 Scrolls of Power, 2 Dual-Stat Scrolls
Runes and Blueprints
Blueprints from secret areas Hayabusa Boots
Enemies: Trackers, Inquisitors, Lacerators, Cleavers, Kamikazes, Shockers
Traps: Spikes, darkness
Wandering Elite Chance: 50%
Elite Room Chance: 50%
Once reserved for high-ranking dignitaries, the sepulcher became a tortuous labyrinth, its reaches fading into obscurity and myth...

The Forgotten Sepulcher is a fifth level biome.

If someone was of note for the history books, they were buried here. A strange ritual was to use the bones as adornment for the sepulcher as some sort of decoration. However, the Malaise resulted in the former dignitaries abandoning it altogether, leaving it to the darkness. This darkness gathered like a haze, gnawing and chewing on any source of light found here, as well as making its ways into the bodies of the dead. It took over them, and made them dance a deadly, murderous dance. Now, little light other than that from the sparse laturns lurks here. In the minds of the survivors, this labyrinth no longer exists.

Loading Screen Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "High-ranking dignitaries were embalmed in sarcophagi. After a somewhat brutal ceremony, the skulls of their delegation were used to decorate the walls of the chamber."
  • "Once reserved for high-ranking dignitaries, the sepulcher became a tortuous labyrinth, its reaches fading into obscurity and myth..."
  • "To get out alive, simply follow the light. No, not that one, the other... Yes, there, the... No, uh... Wait a minute, where are we?"

The Darkness[edit | edit source]

The darkness creeps closer and starts to eat away at the players health after not having been close to a light source for 12 seconds. The damage starts off at .1 dps and gradually increases to 6 dps. Killing a mob reduces the darkness by 11%.

Lore Encounters[edit | edit source]

  • The Alchemist was researching the Malaise in the Forgotten Sepulcher, but the bodies kept waking up. In addition, the Darkness was making his work difficult. This prompted him to leave the area.[1]

Access[edit | edit source]

The Forgotten Sepulcher can be accessed from the Stilt Village when possessing the Teleportation Rune. It can also be accessed from the Slumbering Sanctuary and the Graveyard.

References[edit | edit source]