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Gear Level is the roman numeral next to an item's name and is the base Gear Power of the item. Each biome has a base Gear Level value, which is essentially the minimum level an item can be on any given biome. A table can be found below with each biome's base Gear Level, which means that it has not been impacted by any variables.

Biome Gear Level
Prisoners' Quarters 1
Promenade of the Condemned 2
Toxic Sewers 2
Prison Depths 3
Corrupted Prison 3
Ramparts 3
Ossuary 4
Ancient Sewers 3
Black Bridge 3
Insufferable Crypt 3
Stilt Village 4
Slumbering Sanctuary 4
Graveyard 4
Clock Tower 5
Forgotten Sepulcher 5
Cavern 7
Clock Room 5
Guardian's Haven 7
High Peak Castle 6
Throne Room -
Astrolab 7
Observatory -

The Gear Level of an item will increase based off the number of active Boss Cells.

Boss Cells Bonus
0 -
1 -
2 -
3 +1
4 +3
5 +3

Additionally, the Gear Level of an item will also be affected by where it was found in the biome.

Location Bonus
On the ground (including gold doors) -
Lore room* -
Choice altar -
Dropped from boss -
Dropped from normal enemy ?
Regular chest +1
Cursed chest +1
Legendary altar +1
Shop +2
Challenge Rift chest +2
Dropped from elite +2

* Talismans from lore rooms currently have a bug where the difficulty bonus does not apply to them. As such, on 3 BSC and higher, they will be a lower level than any other item in the biome.

Gear Quality[edit | edit source]

Gear Quality is the term used to refer to the "upgrade level" of an item, affected by the Legendary Forge. It is displayed as a +, ++, S, or L after the Gear Level roman numerals. Gear Quality gives the item the following attributes:

  • Gear Quality of + gives +2 to Gear Power .
  • Gear Quality of ++ gives +1 stat that the item scales off of. It also gives +4 to Gear Power.
  • Gear Quality of S gives +2 stats that the item scales off of. It also gives +6 to Gear Power.
  • Gear Quality of L, gives +1 stat that the item scales off of on 0-2 BSC or +1 of each stat on 3-5 BSC. Additionally, the item is colorless and gives +5 to Gear Power.

Gear Power[edit | edit source]

Gear Power is the term used to refer to the "outputted level" of an item. This is a hidden value that represents the actual power of the item after taking into account its Gear Level and Gear Quality. Gear Power is calculated by taking the Gear Level of the item and adding the bonus from the Gear Quality. As an example a Heavy Crossbow IV++ has a Gear Level of 4 and the Gear Quality gives a bonus +4 to Gear Power, which adds up to a Gear Power of 8.

Gear Power influences the number of affix slots on the item, and the overall damage boost it receives. A table detailing the effects of Gear Power on Weapons/Shields can be found below:

Gear Power Damage Bonus Affix Slots
1 +0% 0
2 +0% 1
3 +25% 1
4 +50% 1
5 +50% 2
6 +75% 2
7 +100% 2
8 +100% 3
9 +125% 3
10 +150% 3
11 +150% 4
12 +175% 4
13 +200% 4
14 +200% 5
15 +225% 5
16 +250% 5
17 +250% 6
18 +275% 6
19 +300% 6

Gear Power appears to work in the following pattern:

  • The first boost adds an affix slot
  • The second boost adds +25% damage
  • The third boost adds +25% damage
  • The cycle then repeats

It should be noted that while an item may have more affix slots than affixes available for the item. In this case, the item will just have empty slots that do not show up.