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Giant Tick

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Giant Tick
Giant Tick.png
Morass of the Banished
Rhythm n' Bouzouki (0.4%)

Tick Trainer's Outfit (4+ BSC; 1.7%)

Giant Ticks are mini boss-like enemies that only appear in the Morass of the Banished. They were introduced with the Bad Seed DLC.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

When the Beheaded enters one of the areas outside of the structure the Banished inhabit, the doors will slam shut behind them, and the Giant Tick will leap out of the swamp ahead of you. it wastes no time in immediately engaging. the Giant Tick has three attacks:

  • It will do two fast, low-to-the-ground stabs with its front claws. if you try to roll behind the first attack, the Giant Tick will turn around to hit you with the second swipe.
  • The Giant Tick will raise its front claws high up, before slamming them down in front of it. regardless of whether you roll behind it or not, the Giant tick will always follow up with an upwards kick behind them.
  • If the player is staying away from it, it will hunch over for a moment, before performing a leap that covers about half of the arena, dropping clumps of green matter behind them which damage you.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Giant Ticks are an enemy deriving from Mama Tick.