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Slumbering Sanctuary
Wings of the Crow (10%)

Golems are enemies encountered solely in the Slumbering Sanctuary.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

While the Sanctuary is still inactive, Golems are imobile statues of stone. They awaken when the Ancient Temple switch is activated.

Retreating from a Golem is nearly impossible, as they teleport The Beheaded to them if he gets too far away or on another level, higher or lower than the Golem. As such, when a Golem catches sight of you, you're committed to fighting them. An elite Golem will do both things: Teleport you to him, and teleport himself to your location as it wishes. . There is no escape, even if you manage to reach to the teleporter.

Golems attack by doing a dashing punch for a long distance. At long range, they can also perform an earth-shatter that covers the entire platform, which cannot be rolled and causes a long stun (and will likely cause you to be punched afterwards).

Also, upon seeing any deployable skill deployed by the Beheaded, it will teleport him to itself.