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Gollum 1.png
Toxic Sewers

Gollum, also known as the Sewer Creature, is an NPC in Dead Cells. When the Beheaded first enters in the Toxic Sewers, he meets an unnamed character (called "Gollum" in the game files, in reference to The Lord of the Rings) stuck behind bars who asks him to fetch "his" rune, heavily implying it is not actually his own. When the player kills the Elite Slasher who holds it, he later encounters the mysterious character again but refuses to hand him the rune. "Gollum" then warns the Beheaded will regret this and swears he will eventually get his rune "back". A lore room full of teleportation coffins can be found with his corpse, putting a sad end to this story.[1] The Sewer Creature wanted the Teleportation rune to retrieve a treasure chest that could only be reached by using a Teleportation coffin. Sadly, it met a tragic and ironic fate, as it ended up getting squished by the very same sarcophagi it was obssessing over.

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