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Grenades are unique in that most of them scale with the Strength Stat.png Brutality stat, though some of them scale with Skill Stat.png Tactics or Health Stat.png Survival.

Icon Name Description Blueprint Location Base Damage Base Cooldown Time Damage reduction Scaling
Infantry Grenade Icon.png
Infantry Grenade Quick to use, but not super powerful. Always unlocked 70 damage 4 seconds No Strength Stat.png
Ice Grenade Icon.png
Ice Grenade Explodes, freezing nearby enemies for 5 seconds and inflicting 35 damage. Always unlocked 35 damage 18 seconds Yes Skill Hp.png
Powerful Grenade Icon.png
Powerful Grenade Causes a large explosion. Dropped by Bombardier (10%) 200 damage 13 seconds No Str Hp.png
Cluster Grenade Icon.png
Cluster Grenade Explodes into 6 mini bombs inflicting 50 damage each Dropped by Slasher (1.7%) 50 damage/bomb 20 seconds No Strength Stat.png
Fire Grenade Icon.png
Fire Grenade Inflicts 12 damage and burns nearby enemies for 3 seconds (25 DPS). Dropped by Grenadier (1.7%) 12 damage (25 burning DPS) 13 seconds No Strength Stat.png
Magnetic Grenade Icon.png
Magnetic Grenade Attracts anything nearby, inflicting 12 shock DPS around it for 5.5 sec. Dropped by Grenadier (0.4%) 12 DPS 16 seconds No Str Skill.png
Stun Grenade Icon.png
Stun Grenade Inflicts 30 damage and stuns nearby enemies for 2,5 seconds. To the far right in the Ramparts; this weapon can only be unlocked under the special circumstance that the last tower does NOT have the exit to the next stage or the Nerves of Steel blueprint 30 damage 18 seconds Yes Skill Hp.png
Root Grenade Icon.png
Root Grenade Roots all nearby enemies for 3 seconds and inflicts 30 DPS while they are trapped. Behind the 15 minutes Timed Door in the Passage after the Black Bridge 30 DPS 16 seconds No Skill Hp.png
Oil Grenade Icon.png
Oil Grenade Inflicts 60 damage and covers nearby enemies with flammable oil. Dropped by Hammer (10%) 60 damage 10 seconds No Str Skill.png
Swarm Icon.png
Swarm Summons 4 biters to serve you for 30 seconds (cumulative up to 8 max). Dropped by Disgusting Worm (0.4%) Not displayed 0.8 second No Str Hp.png
Hunter's Grenade Icon.png
Hunter's Grenade Throw this grenade at a monster to aggravate it a little. Beat it down to 40% health or less, then use the Blueprint Extractor on the monster to obtain a blueprint from it

Catch 'em all!

Unlocked from the Collector through the Specialist's Showroom upgrade

Afterwards spawns behind golden door (which requires 7500 gold to unlock on base difficulty) within Specialist's Shop in Prisoners' Quarters

N/A N/A No Strength Stat.png