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Guardian Knight

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Guardian Knight
Guardian Knight.png
High Peak Castle
Tornado (0.4%)

Soldier Resistance (10%)

Guardian Knights are enemies solely found in High Peak Castle.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

  • The Guardian Knight has 2 attacks:
    • When within close proximity to the Beheaded, it will create a huge vortex with the sword. The Beheaded and turrets on the same level as the Guardian Knight will be sucked in and hit rapidly when in range. They are completely immune to projectiles when using this attack, but they are not immune to whips, grenades, DoT, or parries.
    • After using the vortex attack, it will then attack with a large overhead slash that deals massive damage.
    • It will cycle between these two attacks repeatedly, and will not do one or the other twice in a row, but will always start with the vortex attack.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Generally, attempting to roll to dodge the tornado attack is futile, as the Beheaded will simply get sucked back in, or hit regardless because the attack has such a large range and duration. The tornado attack can be parried to stop it instantly. Its over-the-head swing can be parried and rolled through however.
  • If you have a shield equipped, then the short amount of extra invincibility granted when hit will cancel the tornado attack they use, making the Beheaded only get hit by it once. The tornado attack will also not suck you in if you are far enough away from the Guardian Knight, or if you are on a different vertical level than the vortex. The Guardian Knight is also one of the slowest enemies in the game, so it's fairly easy to stay out of their way to fight other enemies.

Notes[edit | edit source]