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Hunter's Grenade

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Hunter's Grenade

Hunter's Grenade Icon.png

Throw this grenade at a monster to aggravate it a little. Beat it down to 40% health or less, then use the Blueprint Extractor on the monster to obtain a blueprint from it.

"Catch 'em all!"

Internal name Pokebomb
Type Unique Skill
Scaling Strength Stat.png
Location The Collector (through Specialist's Showroom upgrade)
Unlock Cost 150 Cell Currency.png

Blueprint Extractor

Blueprint Extractor Icon.png

"Catch 'em all!"
Internal name Pokecharge
Type Unique Skill
Scaling Skill Stat.png
Duration 1.3 seconds (required channeling duration)

The Hunter's Grenade is a single-use Grenade skill. Unlike most skills, the Hunter's Grenade deals no damage, nor does it affect the player. Instead, it only affects enemies that drop uncollected blueprints, turning them into a challenge for a guaranteed blueprint drop.

Throwing the Hunter's Grenade at an eligible enemy will cause it to despawn from the player's inventory and transform the enemy into an Elite version, as well as dropping a Blueprint Extractor nearby.

If all blueprints from the enemy type have already been acquired, the enemy is a boss or an elite, or the grenade misses, the Hunter's Grenade will drop harmlessly to the ground, allowing the player to pick it up again. For example, Zombies at 0 BSC won't drop the Bobby outfit, and if the player has all other blueprints that can be obtained at 0 BSC, the Hunter's Grenade will not work.

If an eligible enemy has no Elite variant (Kamikazes, Impalers, Bats, Protectors......etc), the grenade will instead transform it into a standard Elite Zombie. The extracted blueprint will still be from the original enemy's loot pool.

The Hunter's Grenade is unlocked from the Collector through the Specialist's Showroom upgrade. Once unlocked, it always appears in the Prisoners' Quarters behind a gold door within the Specialist's Shop, which can be unlocked for 7500 base gold, or destroyed for a 50-kill curse.

Blueprint Extractor[edit | edit source]

The Blueprint Extractor is a skill produced when the Hunter's Grenade successfully activates. It is only usable on the targeted Elite enemy when its health is below 40%. Activating the Blueprint Extractor in range of the enemy roots the player in place and channels a beam for 1.3 seconds. If the channeling succeeds, it kills the enemy and forces one of its blueprints to drop, then the Blueprint Extractor disappears. Attempting to use it when the enemy's HP is still at higher levels will cause the game to say "Too much HP!" and this item won't work.

A message appears onscreen when the enemy drops below 40% health, so wait to use the Extractor until you see it. Taking damage interrupts the channeling, so it is recommended to use skills that stun, freeze, or slow down enemies, or make the player invincible.

If the enemy dies before the Blueprint Extractor is used, it will despawn, and another Hunter's Grenade will drop, allowing the player to use it again.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Hunter's Grenade references a Poké Ball, a spherical device used to capture Pokémon in the well-known Pokémon franchise.
    • The description of the item is a reference to the franchise's "Gotta catch'em all!" slogan.
  • In early development for the Baguette Update, the Hunter's Grenade was instead named "Pokebomb".
  • When the Grenade-spawned Elite is below 40% health, an icon that looks like a Poké Ball appears over them.
  • The fact that the Elite must be weakened before using the Blueprint Extractor might be a reference to the capture mechanic in the video games, where the chances of capturing a Pokémon increase as their health decreases.
  • Although both Hunter's Grenade and Blueprint Extractor have a scaling, none of them deal any damage.
  • Prior to an unknown build, if the elite enemy was defeated without using the blueprint extractor, it would not drop a new Hunter's Grenade.
  • Elites spawned by this skill will count towards the "Not so Tough" achievement when defeated, either with weapons or Blueprint extractor.