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Ice Armor

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Ice Armor

Ice Armor Icon.png

Covers you in ice absorbing one attack and freezing nearby enemies with a 30 second cooldown. If you take no damage it explodes after 8 seconds or when you trigger the skill again.

So that's what they mean by "Well preserved"?

Internal name IceArmor
Type Power
Scaling Health Stat.png
Recharge 20 seconds
Duration 8 seconds
Base Price TBA
Hit 10
Location Drops from Ground Shakers
Drop Chance 100%
Unlock Cost 50 Cell Currency.png

Ice Armor is a power-type skill dropped by Ground Shakers, which creates a protective layer of ice around the player, shielding them from a single hit of damage and then subsequently freezing nearby enemies for a short time.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Effects:
    • Forms a layer of ice around the Beheaded upon activation.
      • Prevents a single attack from damaging the player while active, and the effect will end 8 seconds after activation, or if the player takes damage before this.
    • While active, taking damage will cause the ice to explode, dealing 10 base damage and freezing nearby enemies for 2 seconds, and upon thawing will remain slowed for 1 second.
      • This effect can be triggered prematurely by using the Ice Armor while a layer of ice is active. Triggering it prematurely shortens the cooldown by 10 seconds from the usual cooldown given by taking a hit with Ice Armor active.
  • Tags: NegligibleDamage, Ice, hasDuration

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It will prevent any attack from killing you while you are cursed, as long as the item's effect is active.
    • Likewise, getting hit while effect is active will not impact your kill streak counter.