Infantry Grenade

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Infantry Grenade

Infantry Grenade Icon.png

Quick to use, but not super powerful.
Item ID 13
Internal name FastGrenade
Type Skill (Grenade)
Scaling Strength Stat.png
Leveled Item Yes
Recharge 5.8 seconds
First Hit 55
Location N/A (always unlocked)

The Infantry Grenade is a skill with a short cooldown, which throws medium-damage explosives with a small area of effect.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Effects:
    • Throws an arcing projectile which explodes for 55 base damage in a small area of effect on contact with an enemy or a horizontal surface
      • The projectile bounces off of Shield Bearer shields without detonating
  • Tags: Ranged, Explosive, Short Cooldown
  • Legendary Version: Dead Man Walking (?)
    • Forced Affix: Oil
      • "Covers victims in flammable oil"

Notes[edit | edit source]