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Ramparts, Slumbering Sanctuary, Graveyard, Forgotten Sepulcher, High Peak Castle
Lightning Bolt (1.7%), Vampirism (0.4%)

One of the few enemies that can see the player through walls, Inquisitors pose a moderate threat to those delving into the tunnels of maps on which it appears.

Its only attack is to shoot an arcane beam at the player, which is slow moving. It passes through walls, but follows the path from which it was fired until it despawns or hits the player (including their turrets). It is extremely easy to stun and kill, even hitting it with a weak weapon or skill will interrupt its attacks. Its attacks take a bit to charge, so it is easy to move close to them during this time to stun them.

They are not rendered 100% invisible by Maskers, as their glowing hands and 'horns' still show through the fog created by them.

Elite Inquisitors can fire their attack much faster than normal, but gain no special attacks.

  • Charging, then shooting phasing bolts through the walls towards the Beheaded
Inquisitor's attack showing the "seeing through walls" ability.

Curiosities[edit | edit source]

  • The Inquisitor is considered amongst players to be one of the most annoying enemies in the game, as its nature often leads it to jeopardize otherwise simple encounters with other enemies