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Knife Dance

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Knife Dance

Knife Dance Icon.png

Launches a storm of knives around you which cause bleeding (40 DPS for 4 sec).
Internal name KnivesCircle
Type Power
Scaling Str Skill.png
Combo Rate 16 knives/use
Recharge 16 seconds
Duration 4 seconds (bleeding effect)
Base DPS 40 (bleeding DPS per effect)
First Hit 5 (impact damage/knife)
Location Drops from Bats
Drop Chance 0.4%
Unlock Cost 20 Cell Currency.png

Knife Dance is a power-type skill, which unleashes a radial burst of knives that cause severe bleeding in enemies.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Effects:
    • Releases a radial burst of 16 knives
      • Each knife deals 5 base impact damage and inflicts enemies with a single bleeding effect (40 base damage/s per effect) for 4 seconds
      • Enemies can be inflicted with more than one stack of bleeding if they are hit with multiple knives
  • Tags: Ranged, Has Bullets, Bleed
  • Legendary Version: Black Blood
    • Forced Affix: Bleed Poison
      • "Bleeding damage also applies poison"

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This item was previously named Knife Storm.