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Knockback Shield

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Knockback Shield

Knockback Shield Icon.png

Blocked attacks push enemies backwards. Effect doubled on a succesful parry.
Item ID 110
Internal name BumpShield
Type Shield
Scaling Skill Hp.png
Leveled Item Yes
First Hit 20 (40)
Location Drops from Catchers
Drop Chance 0.4%
Unlock Cost 40 Cell Currency.png

Knockback Shield is a shield-type weapon which knocks enemies back, away from the player.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Block Damage Reduction: 75%
  • Special Effects:
    • Melee attackers are pushed back a significant distance when they take block damage from this shield. If they take parry damage instead, they are pushed back twice as far.
    • If an enemy pushed back by this shield collides with a wall or solid barrier before they stop moving, they take an additional 25 base damage (?).
  • Tags: Shield, Negligible Damage
  • Legendary Version: Denial
    • Forced Affix: Ammo Retrieval
      • "Hits cause arrows to fall out of enemies"

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Previously called Shove Shield.