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"Legendary Forge"
Legendary Forge.png
Post-stage passage after Black Bridge and Clock Room (two times only)

The Legendary Forge is the Blacksmith's workshop, where he upgrades found Gear permanently with Cells.

Upgrading and Gear levels[edit | edit source]

The way upgrading gear works in Dead Cells is by a level mechanic which can be fueled with Cells. There are three levels of gear that can be achieved with the Legendary Forge:

Level + : Makes your gear overall a bit stronger, Cells make it so the percentage of + items found is higher, its maximum can be reached after spending 800 Cells on the Forge. Can be upgraded to ++.

Level ++ : Makes gear much better and adds a stat scroll to it. Requires 3000 Cells to reach its maximum, can be upgraded to S.

Level S : Makes your gear really, really powerful and adds two stat scrolls to it. Requires 10.000 Cells to reach its maximum, and cannot be upgraded.

Access[edit | edit source]

The forge only appears twice in a run: after the Black Bridge/Insufferable Crypt, and after the Clock Room/Guardian's Haven.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Despite the existence of the Blacksmith's Apprentice, The Blacksmith is the only one that can use the Forge (and only appears when it appears).