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Lightning Bolt

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Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt Icon.png

Hold to inflict critical hits.

Join the dark side.

Item ID 102
Internal name Lightning
Type Ranged Weapon
Scaling Skill Hp.png
Combo Rate 5 shocks/s
Leveled Item Yes
Base DPS 108 (224)
First Hit 30 [normal tick] (93) [critical tick]
Location Drops from Inquisitors
Drop Chance 1.7%
Unlock Cost 30 Cell Currency.png

Lightning Bolt is a magic-type ranged weapon which deals more damage if it is channeled for an extended amount of time.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Special Effects:
    • Lighting Bolt requires 0.53 seconds of wind-up before lightning starts to be channeled.
    • Lightning damages an enemy once every 0.2 seconds with the first tick occurring at the end of windup.
      • Ticks 1-5 deal normal tick damage using blue lightning
      • Ticks 6-10 deal 3.1x damage (93 critical tick damage). Ticks 6-9 use yellow lightning, tick 10 uses red lightning, and any further ticks damage the player.
    • When channeling is stopped, the player regains control after 0.25 seconds.
  • Breach Bonus: -1
    • Base Breach Damage: 0 (0)
    • Base Breach DPS: 0 (0)
  • Tags: Ranged, Electric
  • Legendary Version: Divine Sarcasm
    • Forced Affix: Double Damage Free
      • "+100% damage dealt to enemies!"

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Non-critical base DPS is calculated based on a hypothetical 10-tick lightning channel within which all 10 damage ticks deal non-critical damage. In this scenario, 10 ticks of 30 damage each are dealt every (0.53 + (0.2 * 10) + 0.25) seconds, so DPS is 300 damage / 2.78 seconds ~= 108 DPS.
  • The formula used by the game to calculate base critical DPS can be approximated by (5 * critical tick damage) / (0.53 + 1.3 + 0.25) seconds, which represents a hypothetical 5-tick lightning channel within which all 5 damage ticks deal critical damage and time distortion from critical hits causes damage ticks to happen every o.325 seconds rather than every 0.2 seconds.
    • Time distortion from critical hits causes all attacks to proceed at 50% speed (and all movement to occur at 15% speed) while active, so the change in damage tick rate would imply that time distortion occurs for 0.25 seconds whenever a critical hit occurs.
  • The weapon and quote in the description are a reference to Star Wars and the way emperor Palpatine tried to kill Luke Skywalker in The Return of the Jedi.