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Lightspeed Icon.png

Dash forward and inflicts damage to the enemies on the way. Activate again to dash back.

Look behind you!
I said "Behind".

Internal name Dash


Type Power
Scaling Str Skill.png
Recharge 7 - 10 seconds
Base Price 2000
First Hit 90
Second Hit 10
Location Dropped by the Time Keeper on 1st kill
Unlock Cost 75 Cell Currency.png

Lightspeed is a power-type skill dropped by The Time Keeper, which emulates her own dash attack.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Effects:
    • Allows the player to dash through any enemy directly in front of them without taking any damage. If inflicts a base 90 damage to any enemy caught in between the dash.
    • Using it again will perform a back dash that deals a base 10 damage to enemies. If it's not used in 3 seconds, the back dash is cancelled and the cool down begins at 7 seconds.
      • Activating the back dash at any time between those 3 seconds will carry through in the cooldown. If the player takes 2 seconds to use it, the cool down for the skill will be 8 seconds.
      • It does not matter if the player faces the other direction when using the back dash, as it is locked to always face the opposite direction of the initial use.
  • Tags: MoveHero, TransformOnUse, AutoTransformInto

Notes[edit | edit source]