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Meat Skewer

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Meat Skewer

Meat Skewer Icon.png

Lets you go behind your enemy.

Now you see me, now you don't.

Internal name DashSword
Type Melee Weapon
Scaling Str Skill.png
Combo Rate One 3-hit combo every 0.72 seconds
Base Price 1500
Base DPS 181 (281)
Base Combo Damage 743
First Hit 40 (40)
Second Hit 45 (81)
Third Hit 45 (81)
Location Daily Run - Tenth Completion
Unlock Cost 60 Cell Currency.png

Meat skewer is a Brutality/Tactics melee weapon which can be obtained by completing 10 unique daily challenge runs. The first attack surges the player forward, penetrating most targets. The two follow-up hits are quick, and deal critical damage to any enemies that were hit by the first attack.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Special Effects:
    • The player will dash through the enemy, granting them invincibility during this dash. Two critical strikes will then be applied if the player had previously dashed through the opponent.
  • Breach Bonus: 0.4/0.5/0.5
    • Base Breach damage: 56/67.5/67.5 (56/122/122)
    • Base Breach DPS:265 (415)
  • Combo Duration: 0.72 seconds
    • First Hit: 0.3 (0.2 + 0.1)
    • Second Hit: 0.26 (0.20 + 0.06)
    • Third Hit: 0.16 (0.10 + 0.06)
  • Tags: Instant Blueprint
  • Legendary Version:
    • Legendary Affix: Back Damage
      • “+15% damage for hits in the back”

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Only one Daily Run completion per day counts toward the unlocking of Meat skewer, so the Daily Run must be completed on 10 different days before the blueprint is given.