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All melee weapons' DPS increase based on the player's Strength Stat.png Brutality Stat, but some weapons have alternate scaling with Skill Stat.png Tactics (e.g. Cursed Sword and Frantic Sword) or Health Stat.png Survival (e.g. The Nutcracker and Broad Sword), which means their DPS will scale off the higher stat between the two.

Icon Name Description Blueprint Location Base DPS Base Special DPS Scaling Item ID
Rusty Sword Icon.png
Rusty Sword Kills things. Sometimes... Starter weapon until Random Melee Weapon is unlocked (then found in secret tile in the starting area). 119 DPS N/A Strength Stat.png 47
Balanced Blade Icon.png
Balanced Blade Damage increases up to +100% when you strike repeatedly. Inflicts critical hits after 10 successive hits. Always unlocked 89 DPS 139 DPS Strength Stat.png 49
Twin Daggers Icon.png
Twin Daggers Inflicts a critical hit on the 3rd consecutive strike.

Two knives for the price of one, more violence for your dollar!

Always unlocked 201 DPS Strength Stat.png 53
Nutcracker Icon.png
Nutcracker Inflicts a critical hit if the target is stunned, frozen or immobilized. Always unlocked 134 DPS 297 DPS Str Hp.png 67
Blood Sword Icon.png
Blood Sword Causes bleeding (9 DPS for 6 sec). Dropped by Zombie (100% chance) 109 DPS 9 bleeding DPS Strength Stat.png 52
Spartan Sandals Icon.png
Spartan Sandals Knocks back enemies, dealing 90 extra damage if the enemy hits a wall. The final strike in the combo will knock any enemy back.


Dropped by Runner (100% chance) 21 DPS 90 bonus damage Strength Stat.png 68
Oiled Sword Icon.png
Oiled Sword Douses the enemy with flammable oil. Dropped by Bat (1.7% chance) 149 DPS N/A Strength Stat.png 74
Broadsword Icon.png
Broadsword The second and third hits are critical.

Slow and heavy, but deliciously vicious.

Obtained from Tutorial Knight's corpse within the Prisoners' Quarters 273 DPS Str Hp.png 54
Assassin's Dagger Icon.png
Assassin's Dagger Inflicts a critical hit when you stab your enemy in the back.

Light but deadly if you know how to use it.

Found above the starting point of the Promenade of the Condemned 100 DPS 300 critical DPS Strength Stat.png 51
Frantic Sword Icon.png
Frantic Sword Inflicts a critical hit when you have less than 50% health.

The weapon of choice of fighters who like to live dangerously.

Dropped by Kamikaze (0.4% chance) 137 DPS 285 critical DPS Str Skill.png 76
Cursed Sword Icon.png
Cursed Sword One hit and you're dead.

So you like to play hardball, do ya?

Dropped by Conjunctivius on first kill 407 DPS N/A Str Skill.png 56
Shovel Icon.png
Shovel Knocks back enemies and bombs.

Any object is a deadly weapon if it's moving fast enough...

Dropped by Purulent Zombie (Graveyard) (0.4% chance) 144 DPS N/A Str Hp.png 55
Spite Sword Icon.png
Spite Sword Inflict a critical hit if you took damage less than 8 sec ago, or if you're cursed.

A rusty weapon that reveals its power when things get tough.

Dropped by Buzzcutter (0.03% chance) 131 DPS 315 critical DPS Strength Stat.png 50
Valmont's Whip Icon.png
Valmont's Whip Ignores shields. Inflicts a critical hit if the tip of the whip strikes the enemy.

Popularized by the well-dressed Baron Valmont du Cul.

Dropped by Disgusting Worm (0.4% chance) 109 DPS 305 critical DPS Str Hp.png 72
Wrenching Whip Icon.png
Wrenching Whip Ignores shields, pulls victims toward you and inflicts a critical hit on the 3rd strike. Dropped by Pirate Captain (0.4% chance) 129 DPS 187 critical DPS Strength Stat.png 73
Impaler Icon.png
Impaler Inflicts a critical hit if the target is up against a wall. Dropped by the The Concierge on second kill 117 DPS 300 critical DPS Strength Stat.png 63
Sadist's Stiletto Icon.png
Sadist's Stiletto Inflicts a critical hit if the target is bleeding or poisoned.

Hit 'em where it hurts.

Dropped by Spiker (1.7% chance) 109 DPS 191 critical DPS Strength Stat.png 57
War Spear Icon.png
War Spear Inflicts a critical hit when you strike several targets at the same time.

Greater range but less speed.

Dropped by Hammer (1.7% chance) 149 DPS 306 critical DPS Str Hp.png 62
Rapier Icon.png
Rapier Inflicts a critical hit immediately after a roll or a parry.

It's all in the wrist...

Dropped by Scorpion (0.4% chance) 106 DPS 268 critical DPS Strength Stat.png 65
Spiked Boots Icon.png
Spiked Boots Inflicts a critical hit if the kick interrupts an attack. Dropped by Thorny (0.4% chance) 101 DPS 297 critical DPS Strength Stat.png 69
Hayabusa Boots Icon.png
Hayabusa Boots The last hit inflicts area-of-effect damage and pushes enemies back. Found at the end of the Forgotten Sepulcher 128 DPS N/A Strength Stat.png 70
Hayabusa Gauntlets Icon.png
Hayabusa Gauntlets Inflicts critical hits if the victim has less than 40% HP. Dropped by Lancer (0.4% chance) 124 DPS 243 critical DPS Strength Stat.png 71
Torch Icon.png
Torch Burns your enemies (15 DPS for 2.7 seconds).

Talk about mood lighting!

Dropped by Spawner (1.7% chance) 99 DPS 15 burning DPS Strength Stat.png 75
Symmetrical Lance Icon.png
Symmetrical Lance Inflicts critical hits for 6 sec if you quickly kill 2 enemies with this weapon. Dropped by The Hand of the King on first kill 168 DPS 251 critical DPS Str Hp.png 64
Swift Sword Icon.png
Swift Sword Inflicts a critical hit if you have an active speed buff.

Forget about taking your time. To get real results, strike hard and fast.

Unlocked on 1st completed Daily Run (only one completion per day counts) 112 DPS 171 critical DPS Strength Stat.png 58
Meat Skewer Icon.png
Meat Skewer Lets you go behind your enemy.

Now you see me, now you don't!

Unlocked on 10th completed Daily Run (only one completion per day counts) 141 DPS N/A Strength Stat.png 66
Giant Killer Icon.png
Giant Killer Inflicts a critical hit if the victim is an Elite or a Boss.

The bigger they are...

Dropped by The Giant on first kill 186 DPS 465 critical DPS Str Hp.png 59
Shrapnel Axes Icon.png
Shrapnel Axes Metal shards burst from the axes when you strike enemies, inflicting approximately 130 damage. Dropped by Demon (0.4% chance) 135 DPS N/A Str Skill.png 60
Seismic Strike Icon.png
Seismic Strike Unleashes shock waves through the ground, locking enemies in place. Dropped by Bomber (0.4% chance) 147 DPS N/A Str Hp.png 61
Flawless Icon.png
Flawless Inflicts critical hits if you haven't taken damage for at least 30 seconds. Dropped by Slammer (0.4% chance) 104 DPS 270 DPS Str Hp.png 77