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Multiple-nocks Bow

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Multiple-nocks Bow

Multiple-nocks Bow Icon.png

Ammo: 12

Shoots 3 arrows at the same time.

Item ID 79
Internal name DualBow
Type Ranged Weapon
Scaling Skill Hp.png
Combo Rate 1 three-volley combo per 1.4 seconds
Leveled Item Yes
Base DPS 121
Base Combo Damage 170 (3 volleys)
First Hit 50 (1st volley)
Second Hit 50 (2nd volley)
Third Hit 70 (3rd volley)
Location N/A (always unlocked)

Multiple-nocks Bow is a bow-type ranged weapon which shoots three arrows at a time.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Ammo: 12
  • Special Effects:
    • Volleys consist of three arrows each - as a result, arrow damage is 50% of volley damage.
  • Breach Bonus: -0.5/-0.5/-0.5
    • Base Breach Damage: 25/25/35
    • Base Breach DPS: 61
  • Tags: Ranged, No Critical, Has Bullets, Limited Ammo
  • Legendary Version: Threesome (?)
    • Forced Affix: Front Arrow
      • "Fires an arrow in front of you ([35 base] damage)"

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Used to be called Duplex Bow and shoot only two arrows at once.