Mushroom Boi!

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Mushroom Boi!

Mushroom Boi! Icon.png

Spawns a friendly mushroom boi which charges and interrupts enemies inflicting 50 damage and 100 extra damage if the enemy hits a wall. Trigger it again to inflict 300 damage and violate your soul.
Internal name ???
Type Skill (Power)
Scaling Health Stat.png
Leveled Item Yes
Recharge 1 second
Location Drops from Jerkshrooms
Drop Chance 100%
Unlock Cost 50 Cell Currency.png

Mushroom Boi! is a power-type skill which summons a friendly jerkshroom. It was introduced with the Bad Seed DLC.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Effects:
    • TBA
  • Tags: TBA
  • Legendary Version: TBA

Notes[edit | edit source]