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Dead Cells presents a variety of NPCs, some of which have an active role in the player's progression through the game, while others are just characters the player encounters on his path.

NPC name Info Location Image
Tutorial Knight Guides the player throughout the start of the game, while also giving The Beheaded some cryptic advice before sending him on his way. She dies early in the game and her corpse can be looted to unlock the Broadsword. Her corpse can then be found next to the entrance of the Promenade of the Condemned.

After player beats the fourth boss for the first time, she re-appears as a glitched figure at the start of the game, until the True Ending is received.

Prisoners' Quarters
Tutorial Knight.png
The Collector Blueprints that you have collected are given to the Collector and are then unlocked by bringing cells to him. He is the main way of progressing throughout the game

He is absent from the whole game when 5 Boss Cells is enabled, giving player no opportunity to spend cells.

In the transition room located between each two biomes (except for 5BC).
Guillain Lets the player choose a mutation to acquire after every completed biome, with a max amount of 3 at the same time. Those can be restarted and reselected by a price which increases with each use. In the transition room located between each two biomes.
The Blacksmith The only access the player has to the Legendary Forge, where they can permanently upgrade the quality of the gear found throughout the game. In the transition room after each boss biome (after the Black Bridge, Insufferable Crypt or the Nest, and after the Clock Room or Guardian's Haven).
The Blacksmith.png
Blacksmith's Apprentice Upgrades and rerolls the affixes of your gear at the Minor Forge. Located in all Passages after reaching a passage containing the Legendary Forge for the first time. TBA
The Tailor Lets the player change The Beheaded's outfit, choosing between those they have unlocked. In a large room entered at the starting area of the Prisoners' Quarters.
The Tailor.png
The Scribe Keeps track of player's game stats and achievements. At the starting area of the Prisoners' Quarters, next to the entrance to the Daily Run.
The Scribe.png
The Spider Explains the Darkness mechanic at the entrance of the Forgotten Sepulcher. At the entrance of the Forgotten Sepulcher.
The Spider.png
The Ghost Explains how challenge rifts work, the first time one is entered. At the entrance of the first Challenge Rift the player enters
The King The King of the island. Throne Room
Kingthrone closeup.png
Gollum Found in a cell, in the Toxic Sewers. Asks the player to find the Teleportation Rune and take it back to him, so that he can escape. Toxic Sewers
Swamp Priest (TBS) A miscreant priest appears in the Morass of the Banished, nagging you to offer a sacrifice (Mushroom Boi!) onto the altar. Morass of the Banished
Swamp Priest.png

Unused NPCs[edit | edit source]

NPC name Info Location Image
The Fisherman NPC that was found in the Pier and, when spoken to, would kill the Beheaded to let him start a new run. Pier

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