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Dead Cells presents a variety of NPCs, some of which have an active role in the player's progression through the game, while others are just characters the player encounters on his path.

NPC name Info Location Image
Tutorial Knight Prisoners' Quarters
Tutorial Knight.png
The Collector Between each two biomes.
Guillain Between each two biomes.
The Blacksmith After each boss biome.
The Blacksmith.png
The Tailor Prisoners' Quarters
The Tailor.png
The Scribe Prisoners' Quarters
The Scribe.png
The Spider At the entrance of the Forgotten Sepulcher
The Spider.png
The Ghost At the entrance of the first Challenge Rift the player enters
The King Throne Room
Kingthrone closeup.png
Gollum Toxic Sewers
Gollum 1.png

Unused NPCs[edit | edit source]

NPC name Info Location Image
The Fisherman NPC that was found in the Pier and, when spoken to, would kill the Beheaded to let him start a new run. Pier