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Objects are entities found within zones which cannot be picked up. Some hinder the player's progress while others contain helpful items.

Several classes of objects exist: doors, item containers, traps and mechanisms, and rune-specific objects.

Doors[edit | edit source]

Doors are semi-permeable barriers which connect rooms together. Most Enemies cannot see or reach the player through doors unless these doors have been opened or smashed.

There are several types of doors:

Wooden Doors[edit | edit source]

The most common type of door, these doors can be opened at any time using the Interact key and will automatically close after a moment if nothing is near them. Alternately, hitting a wooden door with any damaging attack will smash the door open, destroying the door and stunning all enemies in close proximity to the door for several seconds.

Metal Doors[edit | edit source]

Grey and blue in appearance, metal doors usually cannot be smashed or opened using the Interact key (the exception is the metal door blocking the way out of the Collector's room).

  • Most metal doors are hooked up to a switch - in these cases, hitting the switch will permanently open the metal door.
  • The metal door blocking the way out of the Collector's room automatically opens if the player is not carrying any Cells, but it can be destroyed if the player wants to carry the cells to the next biome.

Gold Doors[edit | edit source]

These thick yellow doors always block the way to an item or item container. Each one has a Gold price associated with it based on the current zone and the kind of item it guards, and paying the toll will permanently open the door. Gold doors can also be smashed open, though doing so will enrage the gods and cause you to become cursed until you get at least 10 or more enemy kills (30 kills for the Hunter's Grenade door).

Timed Doors[edit | edit source]

Roughly hourglass-shaped in cross-section, these doors block the way to a treasure chamber.

All timed doors start in the unlocked state, having blue colors and displaying the time left until locking. If a timed door is approached by the player while it is unlocked, it will unseal itself and open automatically, and a notice will appear on the screen with the text, "Timed door opened!".

If the time left until locking has reached zero and the timed door has not already been opened, it will change to the locked state, turning red and deploying a force field which protects the door from all damage. Interacting with the door will cause the player to note that "This door was locked X minutes, Y seconds ago. Too bad...".

Boss Stem Cells Doors[edit | edit source]

These doors can be seen in the background and can only be accessed if the player has inoculated a sufficient number of Boss Stem Cells in the current run. The number required is displayed on the door. An accessible BSC Door is indicated by a blue light highlighting the cells and a mark on top of it.

Item Containers[edit | edit source]

Item containers are objects which always contain helpful items or Pickups. While many item containers have no strings attached, some item containers are hidden behind barriers, and others may penalize the player for taking their items.

Four types of item containers exist: Scroll Vats, Treasure Chests, Cursed Chests, and Wall Secrets.

Scroll Vats[edit | edit source]

Scroll vats are the primary source of scrolls, magical items which improve one of the player's Stats for the rest of the current run. The vat itself is a background object, but the scroll contained within can be picked up using the Interact key.

Scroll vats are sometimes hidden behind gold doors and cannot be accessed until the gold door has been dealt with. Most of the time, though, they can be found out in the open and give up their scroll free of charge.

Treasure Chests[edit | edit source]

Treasure chests contain Weapons and Skills with an item level equal to (zone difficulty + 1). However, sometimes there will be zombies and flying bitters inside but no items. Most treasure chests are found in special treasure rooms within each zone, but a few serve as the end reward of Secret Areas.

Cursed Chests[edit | edit source]

Cursed chests contain a Scroll of Power as well as a gem in addition to the usual weapon or skill. Cursed chests talk to the player every time they are approached, and opening one enrages the gods and curses you. The curse lasts until you kill 10 enemies and persists between zones. While cursed, you will die in 1 hit from any enemy. Multiple curses stack with each other, so each cursed chest opened adds another 10 enemies required to kill.

Cursed Chest Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Hey! You there! Open me!
  • I've been naughty.
  • Open me real HARD!
  • I'm a naughty chest. I deserve to be punished.
  • Ohhh.... I've got so much to give you....
  • You know I'm hiding a lot inside...
  • You don't want to see what I've got for you?
  • Come on... Just a little slap...

Wall Secrets[edit | edit source]

Wall secrets are breakable tiles hidden within the walls of each zone which glow when the player is in close proximity. Breaking a wall secret will spawn a food item or a random gem.

Traps and Mechanisms[edit | edit source]

Traps are objects which are meant to directly damage the player, while mechanisms are objects which can be used by the player to perform miscellaneous functions.

Traps[edit | edit source]

Traps can deal damage to both enemies and the player, and trap damage depends on the difficulty of the zone in which the traps are found.

Three types of traps exist:

  • Spikes: The most common trap, spikes stay in one place, damaging anything that comes into contact with them.
  • Ball-and-Chains: Less common than spikes, ball-and-chains rotate about fixed points, damaging anything that comes into contact with the ball. The ball can deal damage multiple times in quick succession in some scenarios.
  • Sawblade Launchers: The rarest trap, sawblade launchers, which can only be found in Secret Areas, periodically launch sawblades at great speed, and getting hit by a sawblade is a surefire way to get kicked out of a Secret Area.
  • Magnetic Bomb: A bomb which active while the player is close to it and attract mob and the player.
  • Pool of lava: Same effect to spikes.
  • Pits: Pits that deals damage like lava.
  • Projectiles: Same mechanic of Sawblade launchers.
  • Electric Field: A line between two points that deals damage like lava.

Mechanisms[edit | edit source]

Most mechanisms can only be used by the player, not by enemies.

Several mechanisms exist:

  • Switches: Switches are big buttons which are linked up to metal doors or elevators and activate the associated object when stepped on.
    • If a switch is linked up to a metal door, stepping on the switch will permanently open the door.
    • If a switch is linked up to an elevator, stepping on the switch will call the elevator down to the switch's level.
  • Elevators: Elevators are wooden platforms held aloft by chains which allow for rapid vertical traversal. Interacting with an elevator causes it to move to the top of the shaft (if it starts at the bottom) or the bottom of the shaft (if it starts at the top). Elevators can crush enemies and the player on the way down, dealing significant damage.
  • Mechanized Platforms: Found only in Secret Areas and the Watcher's boss arena, mechanized platforms are platforms which can be toggled on and off.
    • In Secret Areas, mechanized platforms begin in the on state (valid platform) and switch to the off state (empty space) after a delay when stepped on.
    • In the Watcher's boss arena, mechanized platforms are toggled off during tentacle phases and the Toxic Barrage move; otherwise, they are toggled on.
  • Return Stones: They can be found in either the Graveyard or Stilt Village, inside a tomb or building, respectively. When used, they return the player to the entrance of the tomb or building.
  • Elite Monuments: When the player or an entity allied with the player walks in front of an Elite monument, the monument activates, summoning an Elite enemy. Each monument can summon only one Elite enemy.
  • Flask Refilling Stations: Found only in the safe areas between zones, flask refilling stations fully restore the player's health and flask charges on use.
  • Floor Secrets: Floor secrets are interactable tiles hidden within the floors of a zone which glow when the player is in close proximity. Using the Interact key while standing on top of one opens a portal to the zone's Secret Area.
  • Teleporters: Teleporters are objects which automatically activate when the player approaches them. Once two or more teleporters in a zone are active, the player can interact with a teleporter to teleport to any other active teleporter, pausing most processes, including the passage of game time, until the teleportation process is complete.

Rune-Specific Objects[edit | edit source]

Rune-specific objects are objects which cannot be used until the player has acquired a certain Rune.

Vine Blobs[edit | edit source]

Vine blobs shoot a climbable vine up through the first platform or floor encountered when a player interacts with them while carrying the Vine Rune.

Vine blob activation is required to reach the end of the Promenade of the Condemned as well as the entrances to the Toxic Sewers and the Old Sewers.

Teleportation Tombs[edit | edit source]

Teleportation tombs always generate in pairs. Interacting with one tomb of a pair while carrying the Teleportation Rune will teleport the player to the location of the other tomb of that pair. Most processes, including the running of the run timer, are paused during the teleportation process, and the player cannot take damage until the process has finished.

Teleportation tomb usage is required to reach the end of the Old Sewers (only if the area is entered while the player does not yet carry the Teleportation Rune) as well as the entrances to the Ossuary and the Prison Depths.

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