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Old Wooden Shield

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Old Wooden Shield

Old Wooden Shield Icon.png

Hold the shield up to reduce some damage. Parry at the right time to cancel all damage. Secondary weapon only.
Internal name StartShield
Type Shield
Scaling Health Stat.png
First Hit 15 (30)

The Old Wooden Shield is the first shield-type weapon encountered by the player in Dead Cells. The player starts every game with the old Wooden Shield lying on the ground in the first room if Random Starter Shield has not been unlocked yet (once Random Starter Shield has been purchased, the Old Wooden Shield is relocated to a secret wall tile, and a starting shield or melee Utility Weapon appears in its place).

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Block Damage Reduction: 75%
  • Special Effects:
    • Secondary weapon only (can only be equipped in the second weapon slot)
    • Stuns the attacker for 0.8 seconds if the shield parries a melee attack
  • Tags: Shield, Negligible Damage, Rusty Item
  • Legendary Version: N/A

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Old Wooden Shield is one of two weapons which have weapon slot restrictions (the other one being the Beginner's Bow).
  • Previously called Good Ol' Wooden Shield.
  • This shield seems to have nails sticking out of it.