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Outfits are sets of clothes for the Beheaded. They are unlocked by finding their blueprints and buying them at the Collector with cells, much like the other upgrades.

Once at least one new outfit is unlocked at the Collector, the player can change clothes by entering the Tailor's shop at the start of Prisoners' Quarters.

Outfits change the colors and shape of the player model. Some specific outfit elements, like the Concierge outfits' shoulder plate, change color depending on the player's gear. Many outfits reference enemies (e.g. Ninja Outfit), bosses (e.g. Temporal Outfit), fictional characters unrelated to Dead Cells (e.g. Piccolo from Dragon Ball), or the game developers (Carduus Outfit).

Obtaining outfits[edit | edit source]

Outfits drop from enemies and bosses, or are found in secret areas around the island.

For outfits dropped by enemies, the Hunter's Grenade can be used. Unlike most blueprints, some outfits will only drop from enemies with a certain amount of Boss Stem Cells active, even if those enemies can be found at lower difficulties.

Bosses drop up to 5 outfits, one on each difficulty level from 0 to 4 BSCs. The outfit of the lowest difficulty will always be found first; the 0 BSC outfit will drop before any others even if the player is on Nightmare difficulty.

List of outfits[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Location Difficulty Required Cell cost Reference In-game appearance
Classic Outfit Icon.png
Classic Outfit You went through a lot with this one, and will most likely go through a lot more. N/A (Always available) N/A N/A
Classic Outfit.png
Golden Outfit Icon.png
Golden Outfit You definitely won't go unnoticed wearing this. Specialist Shop in the Prisoners' Quarters;

costs 20,000 gold or 50 curses

Any 150
Golden Outfit.png
Legendary Warrior's Outfit Icon.png
Legendary Warrior's Outfit Monkey tail not included. Drops from Knife Throwers (0.4% chance) 3+ BSC 500 Son Goku from Dragon Ball
Legendary Warrior Outfit.png
Ninja Outfit Icon.png
Ninja Outfit Become one with the shadows... Drops from Dark Trackers (0.4% chance) 2+ BSC 300 Dark Tracker enemies are ninjas
Ninja Outfit.png
Ghost Outfit Icon.png
Ghost Outfit Ready for Halloween. Drops from Maskers (0.4% chance) 2+ BSC 300
Ghost Outfit.png
Donatello Icon.png
Donatello Outfit For the sewer dwellers. Drops from Scorpions (0.4% chance) 2+ BSC 300 Based on Donatello of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which explains the Sewer location
Donatello Outfit.png
Festive Outfit Icon.png
Festive Outfit The last wearer left you some cookie crumbs. Hidden beyond 4 BSC door in the Cavern; requires Garland Key 4+ BSC 500 Rise of the Giant DLC

A costume of Santa for Christmas

Festive Outfit.png
Fisherman's Outfit Icon.png
Fisherman's Outfit Invisible among the fishes. Drops from Purulent Zombies (Sewers) (0.4% chance) 1+ BSC 150 Based on the removed Fisherman NPC
Fisherman's Outfit.png
Skeleton Outfit Icon.png
Skeleton Outfit Climb all the way back down the social ladder. Drops from Undead Archers (0.4% chance) Any 150 Based on the Undead Archer's clothes
Skeleton Outfit.png
Carduus Outfit Icon.png
Carduus Outfit Made of the purest purple. Drops from Lacerators (0.4% chance) 1+ BSC 150 A reference to Carduus, the main artist for Dead Cells, who really likes purple and tries to use it everywhere[1]
Carduus Outfit.png
Aphrodite Outfit Icon.png
Aphrodite Outfit Stage fright be gone! Drops from Bombardiers (0.4% chance) 3+ BSC 500
Aphrodite Outfit.png
Shaman Outfit Icon.png
Shaman Outfit Shamans are always stronger in the shadows. Drops from Arbiters (0.4% chance) 4+ BSC 750 Rise of the Giant DLC
Shaman Outfit.png
Cloud Outfit Icon.png
Cloud Outfit Nobody remembers where it comes from. Drops from Shockers (0.4% chance) 3+ BSC 500 Based on Cloud Strife, the protagonist of Final Fantasy VII; the shoulder plate resembles Cloud's, and the scarf resembles his blonde hair; the description alludes to how Cloud doesn't remember his past
Cloud Outfit.png
Drifter Outfit Icon.png
Drifter Outfit An outfit for those with heart. Drops from Demons (0.4% chance) 2+ BSC 300 Based on the main character of Hyper Light Drifter
Drifter Outfit.png
A Thousand and One Nights Outfit Icon.png
A Thousand and One Nights Outfit Magic lamp not included. Drops from Bombers (0.4% chance) 3+ BSC 750 Based on the Aladdin animated movie
A Thousand and One Nights Outfit.png
Dictator Outfit Icon.png
Dictator Outfit An outfit for fighting in the streets. Drops from Cannibals (0.4% chance) 4+ BSC 750 Based on the character M. Bison, also known as Dictator, from the Street Fighter series
Dictator Outfit.png
Warrior Outfit Icon.png
Warrior Outfit The dungeoneer's traditional outfit. Drops from Protectors (0.4% chance) 3+ BSC 500
Warrior Outfit.png
Mage Outfit Icon.png
Mage Outfit For wise people only. Drops from Inquisitors (0.4% chance) 2+ BSC 300 Based on the Black Mage's color scheme from the Final Fantasy series
Mage Outfit.png
Neon Outfit Icon.png
Neon Outfit Stealth is for losers. Drops from Kamikazes (0.4% chance) 1+ BSC 150
Neon Outfit.png
Bobby Outfit Icon.png
Bobby Outfit Prisoner Bobby's outfit. Drops from Zombies (0.4% chance) 1+ BSC 150 Based on the Beheaded's appearance in the animated Dead Cells trailers
Bobby Outfit.png
Demon Outfit Icon.png
Demon Outfit W3 4ll h4ve 0ur d4rk sid3. Drops from Slashers (0.4% chance) 3+ BSC 500
Demon Outfit.png
Robin Hood Outfit Icon.png
Robin Hood Outfit The arrow is mightier than the sword! Drops from Catchers (0.4% chance) 4+ BSC 750 Based on the famous fictional character Robin Hood
Robin Hood Outfit.png
Desert Dweller Outfit Icon.png
Desert Dweller Outfit Smells of hot sand and desert nights. Drops from Shieldbearers (0.4% chance) 4+ BSC 750 Based on Vault Jumpsuits from the Fallout series
Desert Dweller Outfit.png
Galaxy Outfit Icon.png
Galaxy Outfit A DRM-free outfit! N/A (Always available) N/A N/A Based on both GOG.com and GOG Galaxy
Galaxy Outfit.png
Baguette Outfit Icon.png
Baguette Outfit Beret and moustache sold separately. N/A (Always available) N/A N/A Based around Bastille Day, which is also a national day of France
Baguette Outfit.png
Flying Alcoholic Outfit Icon.png
Flying Alcoholic Outfit Happy holidays! Drops from Skeletons (100% chance) Any 1 Rise of the Giant DLC

Another costume related to Christmas

Flying Alchoholic Outfit.png
Retro Outfit Icon.png
Retro Outfit Batteries not included N/A (Always available) N/A N/A Based on the monochromatic green screen of the original Game Boy. Was added alongside 8-bit versions of all ingame tracks.
Retro Outfit.png
HEV Outfit Icon.png
HEV Outfit The right outfit in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. Drops from lore room in the Prisoners' Quarters Any 75 Based on the suit Gordon Freeman wears in the Half-Life series
HEV Outfit.png
Gardener's Outfit Icon.png
Gardener's Outfit Get the green thumb. Drops from lore room in the Dilapidated Arboretum Any 75 Bad Seed DLC
Gardener's Outfit.png
Mushroom Boi's Outfit Icon.png
Mushroom Boi's Outfit Delicious, fried, sauteed or baked. Don't forget the sauce. Drops from Jerkshrooms (1.7% chance) 1+ BSC 150
Mushroom Boi's Outfit.png
Mushroom King Outfit Icon.png
Mushroom King Outfit People are strange, when you're a stranger... Drops from Yeeters (1.7% chance) 3+ BSC 150
Mushroom King Outfit.png
Banished's Outfit Icon.png
Banished's Outfit A perfect reproduction of the different shades of mud. Drops from Banished (1.7% chance) 2+ BSC 150
Banished's Outfit.png
Blowgunner's Outfit Icon.png
Blowgunner's Outfit For when you want an angry mob chasing you. Drops from Blowgunners (1.7% chance) Any 150 Blowgunner's Outfit.png
Tick Trainer's Outfit Icon.png
Tick Trainer's Outfit Average life expectancy: 3 minutes. Drops from Giant Ticks (1.7% chance) 4+ BSC 150
Tick Trainer's Outfit.png
The Royal Gardener's Outfit Icon.png
The Royal Gardener's Outfit Really too decorated and pompous for working in the dirt. Drops from the Royal Gardener's corpse in the Prisoners' Quarters Any 150
Royal Gardener's Outfit.png
Classic Concierge Outfit Icon.png
Classic Concierge Outfit You've got the Concierge under your skin! Drops from The Concierge Any 75
Classic Concierge Outfit.png
Piccolo Concierge Outfit Icon.png
Piccolo Concierge Outfit 1+ BSC 150 Based on the character Piccolo from the Dragon Ball series
Piccolo Concierge Outfit.png
Misunderstood Concierge Outfit Icon.png
Misunderstood Concierge Outfit 2+ BSC 300
Misunderstood Concierge Outfit.png
Ascended Concierge Outfit Icon.png
Ascended Concierge Outfit 3+ BSC 500
Ascended Concierge Outfit.png
Ultimate Concierge Outfit Icon.png
Ultimate Concierge Outfit 4+ BSC 750
Ultimate Concierge Outfit.png
Classic Conjunctivius Outfit Icon.png
Classic Conjunctivius Outfit Do you like tentacles? Drops from Conjunctivius Any 75
Classic Conjunctivius Outfit.png
Starved Conjunctivius Outfit Icon.png
Starved Conjunctivius Outfit 1+ BSC 150
Starved Conjunctivius Outfit.png
Enraged Conjunctivius Outfit Icon.png
Enraged Conjunctivius Outfit 2+ BSC 300
Enraged Conjunctivius Outfit.png
Revolted Conjunctivius Outfit Icon.png
Revolted Conjunctivius Outfit 3+ BSC 500
Revolted Conjunctivius Outfit.png
Legendary Conjunctivius Outfit Icon.png
Legendary Conjunctivius Outfit 4+ BSC 750
Legendary Conjunctivius Outfit.png
Giant Tick Outfit Icon.png
Giant Tick Outfit Make sure you get the head out. Drops from Mama Tick Any 75 Bad Seed DLC
Giant Tick Outfit.png
Annoyed Tick Outfit Icon.png
Annoyed Tick Outfit 1+ BSC 150
Annoyed Tick Outfit.png
Irritated Tick Outfit Icon.png
Irritated Tick Outfit 2+ BSC 300
Irritated Tick Outfit.png
Mad Tick Outfit Icon.png
Mad Tick Outfit 3+ BSC 500
Mad Tick Outfit.png
Furious Tick Outfit Icon.png
Furious Tick Outfit 4+ BSC 750
Furious Tick Outfit.png
Sacrificial Outfit Icon.png
Sacrificial Outfit There are many paths that lead to your opponent's death. Taking path to the death of an innocent, for example... Sacrifice the Mushroom Boi! in the lore room at the end of the Morass of the Banished, then enter the Nest Any 66
Sacrificial Outfit.png
Classic Temporal Outfit Icon.png
Classic Temporal Outfit The time, bespoke of course. Drops from The Time Keeper Any 75
Classic Temporal Outfit.png
Desert Temporal Outfit Icon.png
Desert Temporal Outfit 1+ BSC 150
Desert Temporal Outfit.png
Volcanic Temporal Outfit Icon.png
Volcanic Temporal Outfit 2+ BSC 300
Volcanic Temporal Outfit.png
Hunter's Temporal Outfit Icon.png
Hunter's Temporal Outfit 3+ BSC 500
Hunter's Temporal Outfit.png
Collector's Temporal Outfit Icon.png
Collector's Temporal Outfit 4+ BSC 750
Collector's Temporal Outfit.png
Classic Giant Outfit Icon.png
Classic Giant Outfit Your very own oversized suit, David Byrne-style! Drops from The Giant Any 75 Rise of the Giant DLC

The flavor text references David Byrne in the 1984 Talking Heads live album “Stop Making Sense”

Classic Giant Outfit.png
Disappointed Giant's Outfit Icon.png
Disappointed Giant's Outfit 1+ BSC 150
Disappointed Giant's Outfit.png
Cursed Giant's Outfit Icon.png
Cursed Giant's Outfit 2+ BSC 300
Cursed Giant's Outfit.png
Misunderstood Giant's Outfit Icon.png
Misunderstood Giant's Outfit 3+ BSC 500
Misunderstood Giant's Outfit.png
Frustrated Giant's Outfit Icon.png
Frustrated Giant's Outfit 4+ BSC 750
Frustrated Giant's Outfit.png
The Hand of the King Outfit Icon.png
The Hand of the King Outfit One outfit to protect them all. Drops from The Hand of the King Any 75
The Hand of the King Outfit.png
Loyal Hand of the King Outfit Icon.png
Loyal Hand of the King Outfit 1+ BSC 150
Loyal Hand of the King Outfit.png
Incorruptible Hand of the King Outfit Icon.png
Incorruptible Hand of the King Outfit 2+ BSC 300
Incorruptible Hand of the King Outfit.png
Faithful Hand of the King Outfit Icon.png
Faithful Hand of the King Outfit 3+ BSC 500
Faithful Hand of the King Outfit.png
Devoted Hand of the King Outfit Icon.png
Devoted Hand of the King Outfit 4+ BSC 750
Devoted Hand of the King Outfit.png
King Outfit Icon.png
King Outfit Royal armor with class. Possess the king, then defeat The Collector 5 BSC N/A Rise of the Giant DLC
King Outfit.png
White King Outfit Icon.png
White King Outfit Classy, ever so classy. Have the King Outfit unlocked, then defeat The Collector without getting hit. Can be acquired on the same run as the King Outfit; King Outfit doesn't have to be used while unlocking. 5 BSC N/A
White King Outfit.png
Fallen Collector Outfit Icon.png
Fallen Collector Outfit Special collector's edition outfit... Drops from The Collector on 2nd kill 5 BSC 1000
Fallen Collector Outfit.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Outfits were added with the v1.2 release of the game, also known as the Rise of the Giant DLC.
  • While all costumes are in the base game, some of them cannot be legitimately obtained without installing the Rise of the Giant DLC or the Bad Seed DLC.
  • The Flying Alcoholic Outfit was previously called the Christmas Outfit.
  • Outfits that drop from Mama Tick and The Time Keeper give the beheaded a female body.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. B. Reinier (2019), The Heart of Dead Cells: A Visual Making Of. Toulouse: Third Editions. ISBN: 2377840558

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