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Pickups are items which are not gear, stat upgrade scrolls, runes, or blueprints. Pickups can be collected with the Interact command while the player is close or, in the case of gems, just by walking on top of them.

There are 3 main categories of pickups:

  • Gems, worth varying amounts of gold
  • Food, which heals the player
  • Keys, which let the player unlock doors

Gems[edit | edit source]

Gems give a significant amount of gold when collected. Gems are more valuable when appearing in harder biomes, and their value increases multiplicatively with each loot level by 40%, rounded to the nearest multiple of 5.

Gems in order of value
Name Image Description Value Range Sources
Gold Tooth Golden Tooth Icon.png A gold tooth worth (value) GOLD. He had it coming to him anyway... 35–265
Golden Arrow Golden Arrow Icon.png A transmuted arrow worth (value) GOLD. For the aristocratic marksman. 35–190
  • One per arrow parried with the Greed Shield per Undead Archer.
Golden Cell Golden Cell Icon.png A nice prize worth (value) GOLD. 20–150
  • One per Dead Cell while wearing an amulet with the "Get gold as well as a cell" affix. (Value is 150? for Conjonctivius.)
Shiny Rock Shiny Rock Icon.png Totally and utterly worthless. You're not actually going to pick that thing up, are you? 100–540
  • Timed door reward
  • Wall runes (uncommon)
  • Random drop from enemies
Malachite Malachite Icon.png Quite common, but you shouldn't have trouble getting (value) for it. 250–1345
  • Wall runes (common)
  • Timed door reward
  • The Concierge death reward (4 malachites, 690? gold each)
  • Random drop from enemies
Amethyst Amethyst Icon.png This purple stone is worth (value) GOLD! My precioooouuuusssss... 500–2690
  • Wall runes (uncommon)
  • The Concierge death reward (2 drops, 1370? gold each)
  • Timed door reward
  • Random drop from enemies
Blue Sapphire Blue Sapphire Icon.png A magnificent jewel worth (value) GOLD! 1000–5380
  • Wall runes (rare)
  • Timed door reward (rare)
Ruby Ruby Icon.png A precious gem worth (value) GOLD! 1500–8070
  • Wall rune (very rare)
  • Cursed Chest reward
  • Guard Corpse on 4th run of save in the Prisoner's Quarters (guaranteed drop)
Corrupted Artifact Corrupted Artefact IMG.png This item will give you around (value) GOLD, but you will be cursed if you pick it up. around 22000
  • Random drop from enemies
Fragment of The Philosopher's Stone Philosophers Stone Icon.png You are now the richest creature on the island. This fragment of the Philosopher's stone is worth 75000 GOLD! 75000
  • Random drop from enemies (incredibly rare)
  • Wall runes (incredibly rare)
  • Unlike other gems, value is fixed

Food[edit | edit source]

Food regenerates a fixed percentage of health when eaten. There are 2 different functional types of food, each with 5 different appearances depending on the selected diet.

Minor Foods[edit | edit source]

Minor foods encompass restore 15% of the player's maximum health (30% with the Gastronomy mutation). Enemies and wall runes may drop them, they might be found on the ground at the end of a branch, or they’ll be for sale in a food shop.

Name Image Diet Setting
Kebab Minor-carni-kebab-96x96.png Carnivore
Carrot Minor-vege-carrot-96x96.png Vegetarian
Guts Minor-mons-guts-96x96.png Monster
Cherries Minor-fruit-cherry-96x96.png Fruitarian
Pastry Minor-castle-cake-96x96.png Castlevaniesque
"Le Croissant" Minor-bag-croissant-96x96.png Baguette

Major Foods[edit | edit source]

Major foods heal 50% of the player's maximum health (100% with the Gastronomy mutation). Major foods drop rarely from enemies and wall runes, but are most reliably obtained by purchasing them in food shops.

Name Image Diet Setting
Drumstick Major-carni-chicken-96x96.png Carnivore
Big ol' radish Major-vege-radish-96x96.png Vegetarian
Monster's Eye Major-mons-monstereye-96x96.png Monster
Watermelon Major-fruit-watermelon-96x96.png Fruitarian
Turkey Major-castle-turkey-96x96.png Castlevaniesque
"La Baguette" Major-bag-baguette-96x96.png Baguette

Cough Syrup[edit | edit source]

Cough Syrup.png

Reduces Malaise infection levels by 30%. Can be bought at food shops.

Cells[edit | edit source]

Cells are one of two currencies in Dead Cells, together with gold. Surviving to the end of a level lets the player spend any cells he has collected, but dying in a biome will lose them all cells.

Cells can drop from slain enemies and looted chests. Capsules of cells may also spawn within certain biomes.

Cells can be spent either at The Collector's in each transition biome, on upgrades or blueprints; or at The Blacksmith's Legendary Forge after each boss biome, to upgrade the chance of finding better quality items. These upgrades are permanent and persist through all playthroughs for that save file.

Liposuction[edit | edit source]


A rare pickup that produces one extra cell on every kill for 45 seconds, even if the enemy doesn't normally drop cells. It randomly drops from enemies, but the exact chance is unknown.

Residual Cells[edit | edit source]

A bag that spawns next to the Dead Man's Bag if you defeated the Hand of the King with some leftover cells. It contains those leftover cells from the previous run for you to use on the next one. If you don't pick up this bag, you'll lose all the cells in it.

Keys[edit | edit source]

Unlike most pickups, keys are not used when they are picked up. Instead, they are added to the player's inventory, so they can be used later to open their respective doors. Keys remain in the player's inventory for the rest of the run if not used on the appropriate door. Unused keys disappear upon death or at the end of a successful run.

Name Image Location Description
Gardener's Key Gardener's Key.png Promenade of the Condemned 3 Gardener Keys are required to obtain the Explosive Crossbow blueprint.
  • The first key requires the Ram Rune
  • The second needs the Spider Rune or the Homunculus Rune
  • The third can be obtained by stomping a hidden flower in the ground three times.

After the Explosive Crossbow blueprint is collected, there will be Malachite or Amethyst in its place on subsequent runs.

In each of the Ramparts, the Graveyard, and the Forgotten Sepulcher, there is a secret room with a door unlocked by a Gardener Key, behind which is a Moonflower Key.

Iron Cells Key Iron Cells Key.png Prison Depths, Corrupted Prison Dropped by enemies inside the biome. Used to open cell doors at the end of the biome, which grant the player an item, a gem or cells.
Gold Cells Key Gold Cells Key.png Prison Depths Dropped by enemies inside the biome. Used to open a cell door at the end of the biome, which grant the player one Scroll.

With v1.5 Corrupted Update they were removed, as the Cursed Chest at the beginning of this biome gives one Scroll.

Village Key Village Key.png Stilt Village 2 Village Keys open doors further in the level. The mid-stage door can be bypassed with the Spider Rune, but the doors blocking the Clock Tower and Forgotten Sepulcher cannot be bypassed. A secret area in the village requires this key to unlock access to its prize, the blueprint for the Counter Shield.
Old Service Key Old Service Key.png Ancient Sewers 3 Old Service Keys are dropped by enemies in the Ancient Sewers and are used to open any of the 6 doors at the end of the biome.

It stinks.

Clockmaker's Key Clockmaker's Key.png Clock Tower Opens the door blocking the exit to the Clock Room.
Bell Tower Key Bell Tower Key.png Clock Tower Drops from a Clock Tower bell when all 4 are rung in ascending order of the pitch of their ring[1]. Opens the door blocking the blueprint for Punishment.
Graveyard Key Graveyard Key.png Graveyard Opens the door leading into the underground portion of the graveyard.

Open the gates of Hell...

Architect's Key Architect's Key.png Graveyard (inside a wall rune) Opens the door blocking the blueprints for Merchandise Categories and Parting Gift.
Crypt Key Crypt Key.png Forgotten Sepulcher 4 Crypt Keys open doors further in the level. 2 lie beyond teleportation tombs, and the other 2 are dropped by the Elite Trackers at the end of the Sepulcher.

It seems to be very old.

Moonflower Key Moonflower Key.png Ramparts, Graveyard, Forgotten Sepulcher There are 3 Moonflower Keys: one in the Ramparts, one in the Graveyard, and one in the Forgotten Sepulcher. Each appears in a secret room reached with a well-hidden passage through the walls. A glimpse of the room may hint at the passage's location, which is faintly marked by vines. Inside each room is a door requiring a Gardener's Key from the Promenade of the Condemned to pick up to the Moonflower Key. Reaching all four of these locations in a single run requires having 3 active BSC and passing through the 3-cell door leading from the Ramparts to the Insufferable Crypt. If all Moonflower Keys are collected, they can access a secret room in High Peak Castle hidden in a similar way as the rooms containing the keys. The room contains the blueprint for Acceptance.
Castle Key Castle Key.png High Peak Castle There are 3 Castle Keys in High Peak Castle. They drop from the Elite enemies inside the colored doors. Only 2 are needed to proceed to the Throne Room, but the last grants access to a room where the player can find a Scroll of Power, 2 weapons, and the blueprint for the Boomerang.
Cavern Key Cavern Key.png Prisoners' Quarters (inside the break in the wall at the entrance of the level) Opens the door to the Cavern in the Graveyard. The door remains open for future runs.
Dilapidated Arboretum Key Dilapidated Arboretum Key.png Prisoners' Quarters (near entrance to Dilapidated Arboretum from the deceased Royal Gardener) Opens the door to the Dilapidated Arboretum. The door then disappears from future runs.
Garland Key Garland Key.png Cavern (in a ceiling secret) Opens a locked door in the 4 BSC door.
Allen Key Allen Key.png Astrolab Dropped by an Elite Slammer. Used to open the door to the final section of the biome.
Elevator Key Elevator Key.png Astrolab Dropped by an Elite Failed Experiment. Opens the door to the elevator at the end of the biome.
Guardian's Key Guardian's Key.png Astrolab There are two Guardian's Keys. They are dropped by two Elite Slammers at the end of the final section of the biome.
Apex Key Apex Key.png Astrolab Found in a secret area, at the end of an obstacle course. Used to open the door to the button that lets the blueprint for Sonic Crossbow drop.

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