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Icon Name Description Blueprint Location Base Damage Base Cooldown Time Damage reduction Scaling Item ID
Death Orb Icon.png
Death Orb Summons a slow moving but devastating orb of energy (x damage and y DPS, lasts for 12 sec). Dropped by Cleaver (0.4% chance) 50 damage on hit and 125 DPS 20 seconds No Skill Stat.png 24
Tornado Icon.png
Tornado Inflicts x DPS to all enemies caught inside. Changes direction when it hits a wall. Lasts for 10 sec. Dropped by Guardian Knight (0.4% chance) 80 DPS 24 seconds No Skill Stat.png 25
Knife Dance Icon.png
Knife Dance Launches a storm of knives around you which cause bleeding (x DPS for 4 sec). Dropped by Bat (0.4% chance) 5 damage on hit and 40 bleeding DPS per effect 16 seconds No Str Skill.png 26
Corrupted Power Icon.png
Corrupted Power Your attacks deal an additional x DPS for 8 seconds. You also take +30% extra damage during this period. Dropped by Protector (0.4% chance) 50 DPS 16 seconds Yes Skill Hp.png 27
Vampirism Icon.png
Vampirism Nearby enemies bleed (x DPS for 20 sec) and drop a healing item (heals 5% HP). Dropped by Inquisitor (0.4% chance) 40 bleeding DPS N/A Yes Skill Hp.png Vampirism: 28

Empty Vampirism: 29

Tonic Icon.png
Tonic Heals x% HP and completely protects you for 3 seconds. Must be recharged after use. Always unlocked 10 damage

Heal 4% of HP

N/A Yes Skill Hp.png Tonic: 30

Empty Tonic: 31

Grappling Hook Icon.png
Grappling Hook Pulls an enemy to you. The next attack on this enemy inflicts +x% damage and stuns for 1 sec.

Yes, just like Scorpion...

Dropped by Catcher (0.4% chance) 40% 3 seconds No Skill Hp.png 33
Phaser Icon.png
Phaser Teleports you behind the enemy. The next attack inflicts +x damage. Dropped by Runner (0.4% chance) 70 damage 2 seconds No Str Skill.png 34
Corrosive Cloud Icon.png
Corrosive Cloud Creates a toxic cloud that lasts 15 sec, inflicting bleed and poison damage (x DPS for 2 sec). Dropped by Purulent Zombie (Graveyard) (0.4% chance) 8 bleed/poison DPS 20 seconds No Skill Stat.png 36
Lacerating Aura Icon.png
Lacerating Aura Inflicts x DPS to nearby targets (lasts 4 sec). Unlocked on 5th completed Daily Run (only one completion per day counts) 85 DPS 12 seconds No Skill Stat.png 37
Wave of Denial Icon.png
Wave of Denial Repels all nearby enemies back and inflicts x damage. If the victim is thrown against a wall, it takes y extra damage. Dropped by Bombardier (1.7% chance) 30 (90) damage 3 seconds No Skill Stat.png 38
Wings of the Crow Icon.png
Wings of the Crow Temporarily (4 sec) allows you to float in the air while inflicting x DPS to enemies below you.


Dropped by Golem (1.7% chance) 75 DPS 24 seconds No Skill Stat.png 39
Great Owl of War Icon.png
Great Owl of War Summon a Great Owl pet (32 DPS). Activating this skill again will anger the Great Owl (105 DPS). The Great Owl disappears if you take any damage. Dropped by Knife Thrower (0.4% chance) 32 DPS 10 seconds No Skill Stat.png Owl: 43

Owl Buff: 44

Blueprint Extractor Icon.png
Blueprint Extractor Use this on a monster transformed by the Hunter's Grenade with less than 40% health remaining Drops nearby transformed monster after Hunter's Grenade successfuly used N/A N/A N/A Skill Stat.png

(it actually deals no damage)

Forgotten Map.png
Forgotten Map Reveals your surroundings. Only works once. Unlocked at the Collector, through the Specialist's Showroom upgrade.

Afterwards spawns behind golden door (which requires 10000 gold to unlock on base difficulty) within Specialist's Shop in Prisoners' Quarters.

N/A N/A Yes Skill Stat.png

(it actually deals no damage)