Promenade of the Condemned

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Promenade of the Condemned
The Promenade of the Condemned.png
Location: Right outside the Prisoners' Quarters
Stage #: 2
Previous biome(s): Prisoners' Quarters
Next biome(s): Ramparts, Prison Depths, Ossuary
Enemy Tier: 3
Gear Level 2
Timed Door 2:00 (1 Scroll of Power, Assault Shield blueprint)
Scrolls: 1 Scroll of Power, 2 Dual Scrolls
Runes and Blueprints
Runes Vine Rune
Blueprints from secret areas Assassin's Dagger, Explosive Crossbow, Ripper
Enemies: Zombies, Grenadiers, Runners, Bats, Protectors
Traps: spiked balls, spikes, water
Wandering Elite Chance: 50%
Elite Room Chance: 0%
Time was, you could still hear the occasional bird singing outside. Now there's nothing but the caw of the crows.

The Promenade of the Condemned is a second level biome.

This area is surrounded by a forest, with a blueish colour pallet. However, among the trees are a series of cages; Some are broken, and others still remain barely intact. Wooden buildings are built into the land, extending deep underground, with elevators built into them. The once tranquil and nature filled atmosphere of these woods have been replaced by the horror of crimes against humanity itself. No bird other than the black feathered crow flies here, and the crows feast on the not yet decayed bodies of the hanged... No prisoner would wish to be sent out here.

Loading Screen Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "It's never a good sign, being sent to the yard. Few return. When they do, they're never quite the same."
  • "The charming countryside atmosphere of the forest has given way to a... less wholesome ambience."
  • "Time was, you could still hear the occasional bird singing outside. Now there's nothing but the caw of the crows."

Lore Encounters[edit | edit source]

  • An order from The King to his guards says to lock up anyone showing signs of Malaise infection.[1] This message can also be found in the Ramparts.
  • An order from the King reads, "If the cells are overpopulated, use the outdoor jails or the oubliettes. Leave no suspects unsupervised."[2] This message can also be found in the Ramparts.
  • A public order by the King can be found next to hanged prisoners. It orders the imprisonment and execution of all people presenting signs of abnormal behavior or physical appearance, i.e. suspected of infection by the Malaise.[3]
  • The Alchemist's Grimoire in this area reads, All species found in these areas seem changed. Was it the insects that spread the Malaise all over the island?
  • A well can be found, which might contain rubbish and a rotting drowned corpse.[4] The Beheaded reflects that it's no wonder people get sick when filthy stuff gets thrown in the water supply.
    • In a different instance, a dead prisoner can be found in the well. He seems to have died from exhaustion and hunger as he made his way through a cavern that was below a well.[5]

Rune[edit | edit source]

An Undead Archer elite can be found here who drops the Vine rune. He disappears after being defeated once.

References[edit | edit source]