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Prisoners' Quarters (3 BSC)

Prison Depths, Toxic Sewers, Ramparts, Slumbering Sanctuary, Clock Tower, High Peak Castle (3-5 BSC)

Adrenalin (1,7%)

Rampagers are enemies that don't appear in the game until 3 BSC have been obtained.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Only notices the player when on the same platform, facing the player, and within a certain distance of the player. Once aggroed:

  • If not on the same platform as the player, they will jump from platform to platform (ignoring terrain) to get onto the player's platform, much like a Slammer.
  • If on the same platform as the player and close enough (about half to three-quarters of a screen-width away) they will scream and flash the ! indicator.
  • Once the "scream" is charged up enough, if the player is still on their platform they'll initiate a very fast dash towards the player. Once close enough they do a series of 4 swipes all in the same direction, advancing a fair distance with each swipe. If, following the swipes, the player is still nearby, they will jump backwards and will then be ready to do another scream.
  • If the player rolls through their swipes they will continue the 4-swipe combo in the same direction until they are finished.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • After the Rampager jumps, there is a short delay until it is ready to scream and start initiating its attack. They are generally easily defeated if they are all by themselves, by just changing platforms repeatedly and hitting it while it's recovering from its jump.
  • The swipes cover a surprisingly tall height, so trying to jump over the attack isn't recommended. Rolling is the simplest way of dodging the attack, but parrying, stunning/freezing/immobilizing, or just running away while under the effects of Accelerated Movement can all work.
  • Generally it's good to be a decent distance away from a Rampager if it initiates its attack; it's much easier to see it coming if it runs up to you than if it starts its attack at point blank, in which case you'd have to memorize its charge-up time.
  • Elite Rampagers can be dangerous mostly because they have enough health you can't kill them immediately with burst-damage skills. Their movement speed is also incredibly fast. Otherwise, they aren't much worse than any other elites.