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All ranged weapons scale with Skill Stat.png Tactics, but some of them can also scale with Strength Stat.png Brutality (some ranged weapons designed to be used in close combat) or Health Stat.png Survival (some slow, heavy-hitting ranged weapons).

Two major classes of ranged weapons exist: bows and crossbows, which usually have limited ammunition, and spells, magic weapons which do not have ammunition. Some weapons with ammo cannot benefit from the effect of the Ammo mutation, they are denoted with in the following table (namely Frost Blast, Hokuto's Bow, Ice Shard and Boomerang).

Icon Name Description Blueprint Location Base DPS Base Special Damage Scaling Item ID
Beginner's Bow.png
Beginner's Bow Ammo: 6

Ammo comes back after enemies are killed.

The Jailer's son was getting pretty good at hunting rats with this...

Starter bow until Random Starter Bow is purchased (found in secret tile near the place where you start afterwards) 100 DPS N/A Skill Stat.png 78
Multiple-nocks Bow Icon.png
Multiple-nocks Bow Ammo: 18

Shoots 3 arrows at the same time.

Always unlocked 190 DPS N/A Skill Stat.png 79
Throwing Knife Icon.png
Throwing Knife Ammo: 8

Causes bleeding (20 DPS for 2 seconds). Automatically targets the nearest enemy.

Always unlocked 14 DPS 20 bleeding DPS Skill Stat.png 97
Electric Whip Icon.png
Electric Whip Automatically targets nearby enemies. Ignores shields. Always unlocked 128 DPS N/A Str Skill.png 98
Fire Brands Icon.png
Fire Brands Burns enemies and the ground (19 DPS for 3 sec). Always unlocked 8 DPS 19 burning DPS Str Skill.png 99
Frost Blast Icon.png
Frost Blast Ammo: 4 †

Freezes enemies in front of you. No damage if the target is already frozen.

Always unlocked 48 DPS N/A Skill Stat.png 104
Bow and Endless Quiver Icon.png
Bow and Endless Quiver Unlimited ammo. Last shot is a critical hit!

"You can never have too many arrows" - Legolas

Dropped by Undead Archer (0.03% chance) 133 DPS N/A Skill Stat.png 80
Marksman's Bow Icon.png
Marksman's Bow Ammo: 6

Inflicts a critical hit at long range.

Slow, but devastating at long range. A sniper's delight.

Found behind the Timed Gate (closes after 8 minutes) in the Ossuary 50 DPS 300 critical DPS Skill Hp.png 81
Infantry Bow Icon.png
Infantry Bow Ammo: 5

Inflicts a critical hit at close range.

A bow designed for close combat.

Dropped by Undead Archer (1.7% chance) 68 DPS 189 critical DPS Str Skill.png 83
Quick Bow Icon.png
Quick Bow Ammo: 10

Inflicts a critical hit if the target has 2 or more arrows stuck in its body.

Speed at the detriment of accuracy.

Behind the starting point in the Prisoners' Quarters, up some ledges on the wall 43 DPS 141 critical DPS Skill Stat.png 84
Ice Bow Icon.png
Ice Bow Ammo: 4

Briefly freezes enemies.

Dropped by Undead Archer (0.4% chance) 46 DPS N/A Skill Stat.png 85
Heavy Crossbow Icon.png
Heavy Crossbow Ammo: 15

Shoots several short-range bolts at once.

A point-blank blast.

Dropped by The Concierge on first kill 280 DPS N/A Skill Hp.png 86
Repeater Crossbow Icon.png
Repeater Crossbow Ammo: 30

Fires multiple bolts, periodically immobilising enemies. Inflicts critical hits on immobilised targets.

Dropped by Dark Tracker (0.4% chance) 71 DPS 123 DPS Skill Hp.png 87
Hokuto's Bow Icon.png
Hokuto's Bow Ammo: 2 †

Marks the enemy, who then takes +75 DPS for 20 sec. If the enemy dies, the mark spreads.

You don't know it yet, but you're already dead.

Dropped by Cannibal (1.7% chance) 25 DPS 75 extra DPS Str Skill.png 95
Ice Crossbow Icon.png
Ice Crossbow Ammo: 9

Tap to freeze enemies. Hold to inflict critical damage.

Dropped by The Time Keeper on second kill 60 DPS 171 critical DPS Skill Stat.png 88
Explosive Crossbow Icon.png
Explosive Crossbow Bolts explose in the area of effect. Any enemy hit by a bolt suffers a critical wound. Can be found in the Promenade of the Condemned through the three locked doors 79 DPS 134 critical DPS Skill Hp.png 89
Nerves of Steel Icon.png
Nerves of Steel Ammo: 4

Inflicts a critical hit if the arrow is shot at right moment.

To the far right in the Ramparts, by jumping on top of an invisible platform. This weapon can only be unlocked under the special circumstance, that the last tower does NOT have the exit to the next stage or the secret amethyst. 56 DPS 229 critical DPS Skill Hp.png 96
Alchemic Carbine Icon.png
Alchemic Carbine Poisons its victims (20 DPS for 6 seconds). In a secret room in the Ancient Sewers, through a long hole obscured by vines that can be rolled through. 18 DPS 20 poison DPS Str Skill.png 90
Lightning Bolt Icon.png
Lightning Bolt Hold to inflict critical hits.

Join the dark side.

Dropped by Inquisitor (1.7% chance) 122 DPS 277 critical DPS Skill Hp.png 102
Fire Blast icon.png
Fire Blast Burns enemies and any ground in range. Inflicts critical hits when oil is present.

Rare, medium or well-done?

Dropped by Masker (1.7% chance) 150 DPS 196 critical DPS Str Skill.png 103
Ice Shard Icon.png
Ice Shard Ammo: 3 †

Slows down enemies during 3 sec. Inflicts critical hits on targets is in water or covered in oil.

Dropped by The Time Keeper on first kill 58 DPS 232 critical DPS Str Skill.png 100
Pyrotechnics Icon.png
Pyrotechnics Launches multiple flaming projectiles. Inflicts critical damage on targets covered in oil. Dropped by Caster (1.7% chance) 89 DPS 161 critical DPS Skill Stat.png 101
Boomerang Icon.png
Boomerang Ammo: 1 †

Comes back to you automatically.

Old faithful.

Behind the third locked door in High Peak Castle (next to the exit to the Throne Room).

Requires the Spider Rune / Homunculus Rune or an amulet with two extra air jumps to reach the Blueprint.

89 DPS N/A Skill Hp.png 91
The Boy's Axe Icon.png
The Boy's Axe Ammo: 1

Blocks the victim. Inflicts 135 damage when called back to the user.


Dropped by Ground Shaker (1.7% chance) 119 DPS N/A Str Skill.png 93
War Javelin Icon.png
War Javelin Ammo: 1

Impales all enemies in its path. If they're close to a wall they take 90 extra damage. The javelin must be retrieved (if not, it comes back automatically after 15 seconds).

At the end of an obstacle course in Cavern (next to the exit to the Guardian's Haven). 110 DPS N/A Skill Hp.png 94
Magic Missiles Icon.png
Magic Missiles Automatically targets the nearest enemy. Dropped by Arbiter (0.4% chance) 111 DPS N/A Skill Stat.png 105
Hemorrhage Icon.png
Hemorrhage Ammo: 5

Causes bleeding (25 DPS for 3 seconds). Deals a critical hit if the target is bleeding or poisoned.

Dropped by Magistrate of Death (0.4% chance) 47 DPS 187 critical DPS

25 bleeding DPS

Skill Hp.png 92
Sonic Crossbow Icon.png
Sonic Crossbow Ammo: 20

Fires through enemies and keeps shooting when held down.

Found at the top of the exit tower in Astrolab, requires Apex key. 136 DPS N/A Skill Stat.png 82

† Not affected by the Ammunition mutation