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Rhythm n' Bouzouki

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Rhythm n' Bouzouki

Rhythm n' Bouzouki Icon.png

The second and third attacks are critical hits if you strike at the right time.

Hey, get rhythm when you get the blues! Come on, get rhythm when you get the blues...

Internal name RhythmicBlade
Type Melee Weapon
Scaling Str Hp.png
Combo Rate One 3-hit combo every 2 seconds
Base Price 1700
Base DPS 180 (415)
First Hit 80 (160)
Second Hit 110 (220)
Third Hit 180 (540)
Location Drops from Giant Ticks
Drop Chance 100%
Unlock Cost 25 Cell Currency.png

The Rhythm n' Bouzouki is a melee weapon introduced with the Bad Seed DLC. It is a unique weapon which deals critical hits when you attack as soon as you hear the musical sound from your previous attack.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Special Effects:
    • The weapon deals critical hits if you press the attack button with the correct “rhythm”.
    • The third hit with the weapon can be repeated continuously if the timing is correct.
  • Breach Bonus: 1/0.5/0.25
    • Base Breach Damage: 140(280)/165(330)/225(675)
    • Base Breach DPS: 265 (643)
  • Combo Duration: 2 seconds
    • First Hit: 0.67 (0.47 + 0.2)
    • Second Hit: 0.72 (0.47 + 0.25)
    • Third Hit: 0.61 (0.31 + 0.3)
  • Tags: Heavy Weapon

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This weapon works similarly to the Nerves Of Steel in that you have to time your attacks to deal critical hits.