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Promenade of the Condemned

Observatory (summoned by The Collector (Boss))

Spartan Sandals (100%)

Cleaver (1.7%)

Phaser (0.4%)

Runners are some of the most dangerous enemies in the early biomes. They can teleport to the player and attack quickly, so running from them is usually not an option.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Their attacks are fast, and with the ability to phase through walls, platforms, and the ground, it can make them a challenge to run from. With no defensive maneuvers, it simply phases quickly behind the player, following them until it can attack. 1 second pauses are all it needs to lock into its attack animation, which is to slash the player with one of its sword arms. Its attack can be rolled through and, while it pauses before making an attack, it is extremely vulnerable from behind. They can not see you through walls, or if you are on a platform directly beneath them, but can see you across gaps and will phase to you and attack if you use a bomb or turret on them within a certain distance.

Elites can teleport and attack much faster than normal, but do not gain new attacks. Most usually, elites of this enemy drop an amulet rather than weapons.

  • Teleporting to you and attacking
An Phazer attacking and teleporting.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This enemy was previously named Phazer, which was, most likely, the inspiration and namesake for the Phaser skill.