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Toxic Sewers

Throne Room (summoned by The Hand of the King)

Rapier (0.4%)

Donatello Outfit (2+ BSC; 0.4%)

Scorpions are hard hitting enemies that emerge from the ground as the players gets close to them.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

  • Stabs at the Beheaded with its tail, dealing massive damage and poisoning him.
  • Fires a ball of poisonous mucus that damages and poisons the player.
  • Bursts out of the ground to surprise the Beheaded upon approach. This does not deal damage.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Both its stab attack and ranged attack can be parried or rolled through. However, the stab attack can be quite difficult to parry due to the short duration given before the attack lands, giving you little time to react. It is therefore advised to move as far as possible before attempting to parry it's ranged attack.