Scythe Claws

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Scythe Claws

Scythe Claws Icon.png

Inflicts a critical hit if your previous attack was with the right/left claw.

Recovered from the stinking carcass of Mama Tick. Might come in handy.

Internal name TickScytheLeft


Type Melee Weapon
Scaling Health Stat.png
Combo Rate TBA
Leveled Item Yes
Base Price TBA
Base DPS Left: 146 (530)

Right: 254 (1218)

Location Dropped by Mama Tick on 1st kill
Drop Chance 100%
Unlock Cost 100 Cell Currency.png

The Scythe Claws are a dual melee weapon introduced with the Bad Seed DLC. It consists of the Left Scythe Claw and the Right Scythe Claw. It takes up two weapon slots, as it has two different attacks which deal critical hits if you alternate between them.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Special Effects:
    • Alternating attacks between the right and left claws will inflict extremely strong critical hits.
  • Breach Bonus: TBA
    • Base Breach Damage: TBA
    • Base Breach DPS: TBA
  • Attack Duration: TBA
  • Tags: TBA
  • Legendary Version:

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This weapon is two of Mama Tick's detached claws.
  • It is the only item in the game to occupy two weapon slots.
  • The claws are also unique in that they are the first melee weapon to scale purely with a stat that isn't Brutality.
  • Finding the weapon on the ground will only show the Left Scythe Claw, however upon picking it up you will get both claws while dropping any other weapons your were holding.